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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Soap?!?! And Weekend Roundup.

Howdy, friends!  I am back from Texas and preparing to kick off another (busy!!!!!) week.  We had a lot of fun visiting my SIL and her fam - more to come on that in a minute, but first, some business:

I am in search of some soap!  I know it's a long shot, but I am sincerely hoping that somewhere, someone out there stumbles upon this post and has seen what I'm searching for and can help me.  A LONG time ago (I can't remember whether it was when L was born or at her baptism or some other time, but either way we're looking at over a year [or maybe even two!] ago), a good family friend gave us a bar of baby soap.  I am almost positive that it was called "Baby's Butt" or "Baby's Bottom" or some variation of that.  L's skin is SO sensitive that I never did try it, but recently during one of our cleanouts I stumbled upon it in her bathroom and forgot that it smells DIVINE so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I was convinced that she would not react well (we have to be SO careful with what we put on her skin, like her mama she is very sensitive and prone to hives), so imagine my shock when she had no reaction.  Needless to say we've been using it since and I love it.  I am seriously OB.SESSED. with this soap, and now that we're almost out I'm devastated that I didn't take note of anything about it before I opened it (like the exact name or who makes it, etc.).  I contacted the family friend who gave it to us, and she said she thought she got it at the Lush counter at Macy's in Chicago where she lives.  I googled to no end, and I actually even called and had another friend who lives in Chicago go check out the Lush counter for me and it doesn't appear that they have ever carried anything like it (at least not recently), and in fact their website says that they don't make any products for children under a certain age.  It is a rectangular bar of soap, clear in color with what looks like white chunks in it (almost looks like chunks of another bar of soap broken up inside), like so:

I am pretty sure that it was wrapped in a tight, clear wrapping and tied with some sort of twine or string.  I have googled everything that I could possibly think to google (and gotten some questionable results along the way pertaining to putting slivers of bar soap in baby's bottom to relieve constipation?!?!?!) and cannot find this stuff anywhere, so if anyone happens to have seen it or knows what it is and can point me in the right direction I will buy you a present.  And I am not kidding.

As for the weekend roundup, as I said before, we had a lot of fun in Texas!  I of course did not manage to take a single photo, I am seriously horrible about that.  Lilly's cousin Dorothy is so cute and getting SO BIG!  We were able to participate in Mere & Mikey's annual "Friendsgiving" feast on Friday evening.  On Saturday, there was lots of relaxing, some shopping, a mani/pedi and a pretty serious girl v. boy Canasta battle.  OH and only the best cheese dip of all time from Lupe Tortilla:

 I had to post this pic just for Steph!  When we worked together we used to travel to Houston some and ate at Lupe Tortilla at least twice/week just for the cheese dip.  It is seriously the best I've ever had, so if you're ever in the area you should for sure check it out!  They also have excellent margaritas (which I unfortunately did not get to partake in this visit!).  :-)
All of that on top of all of the baby snuggles we got made it a pretty great weekend!  

Lilly stayed with Grandma Susie and Papa and based on the photos we received and the reports we got, it sounds like they all had a blast:

I was SO HAPPY to see her sweet face when we got home this afternoon.  It was a nice weekend away, but I missed that little nugget so much!  And she was extra sweet all evening, especially before bed, which of course made my whole life:

"Mommy hold Lilly's hand please."  SWOON.
There is only a one-hour time difference between Raleigh and Houston, but that combined with staying up late means I am even more beat than normal...I actually meant to go to bed approximately 2 hours ago but stayed up too late posting some crap on eBay.  

Big week ahead for me (glucose test AND my biggest event of the year at work!), so I'm calling it a night.  Hope your weekend was fantastic!



  1. Sorry I can't help you on the soap but I'll keep an eye out!

    Oh my what a sweetie she is in her pjs.

    Good luck on the glucose test! And what are you selling on ebay? Just posted our first item and now wondering what else I can sell!

    1. Girl, I am an eBay machine!!!! Between that and Facebook groups I have been on a roll lately. It takes a lot of time but has been worth it, in my opinion. On eBay I have mainly sold things I've found in various cleanouts that we've done - for example, I cleaned out my closet and have an entire pile of clothes with tags still on that I'm attempting to sell there instead of consign. I have also sold gently used shoes and some purses, and some random kitchen stuff that was still in boxes that we never used (mainly barware). And I've sold a few of Lilly's things like new or gently used shoes and clothes that are new. I am in the process of cleaning out L's things now and have been selling a lot of her nicer things on Facebook. There are several sites that you can use but the best one is Smocking Hot Mamas - hilarious name I know but I just sold a dress on there this morning as a matter of fact. We are going to have a yard sale soon for some of the stuff, but if it has tags or is really nice and was barely used/worn and is a well-known brand I try to sell. Last year I paid $35 I think for L's PB owl Halloween costume? Sold it this year on eBay for $45 plus shipping. Machine, I tell you!


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