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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Roundup

This was our last weekend at home for a few weeks, and sadly I did not get one thing marked off of my to-do list (which included cleaning out/reorganizing the kitchen and guest bedroom and doing some baking for the week).  Friday night, Dan and I attended a fundraiser (Why do I never remember to take photos of the two of us when we're all fancied up?!).  Dan offered to take Lilly to breakfast and Marbles (the  original plan was the park but it was COLD) on Sunday so that I could sleep in, which was so sweet, but Lilly woke up early (I think it was because Friday night's sitter forgot to close the blinds/curtains), so we started the morning off with some snuggles and Elmo in Mommy & Daddy's bed (with Baby Grace, of course).

Of course after all of that I was WIDE awake and there was no more sleeping, so I decided to tag along.  We were all dragging a little but Big Ed's is always delicious and we always have a blast at Marbles (and it wears Lilly out, which is part of the point ha!).  

Checkers is serious business, Mom.

Sliding into the kids area.

Train tables...I foresee a lot of this in my future!

This was one of two cash registers that L found and I think they were her favorite thing to play with - we had to pry her away from both so that other kids could have a turn.  She loved them so much that I'm considering adding a cash register to her Christmas/birthday wish list! 

Fixing Daddy up in the back of the ambulance

I think she will be such a great big sister!

Hockey with the Carolina Hurricanes


This exhibit scares Mommy to death, but my daredevil child loves it.  It's basically a basket on the second floor that hangs out over the first floor and you can go sit in it.  Scary!

Making pizza...and making Daddy pay her for it!

"Baby Brother in Lilly's belly!!!"
We were all beat after Marbles so everyone laid down for a nap.  Unfortunately, Lilly's was cut short by Lord only knows what, so my plan of a 1.5-2 hour nap and then kitchen reorganization was shot.  Uncle Frankie came into town at some point on Saturday afternoon to spend a day with us, and we were so excited to see him, especially Lilly (maybe because he brought her a toy monkey from the NCSU store that she's obsessed with!).  Uncle Bill came over on Saturday evening as well, so little miss L was in heaven with two of her favorite people around to entertain her!

This morning, Dan was up and out the door by 8:30 to head out of town for a work trip.  Lilly was up a little early again due to a poop (sigh), and I am here to tell you that by 10:00 am I was beyond exhausted.  I think that I definitely take for granted the fact that I have a second set of hands when Dan is around.  Luckily, L was in a great mood all day and we had a blast, but she is SO BUSY and I am so. tired.  Hurry home, Daddy!

Play time in our PJs.  We managed to destroy both the living room and the kitchen within about a 30 minute span.

This child LOVES to "wash dishes."  I wish I shared her enthusiasm for cleaning!  She played in warm soapy dishwater for probably 45 minutes this morning.

Happy girl!

While she was half naked due to aforementioned soapy water being EVERYWHERE, we decided to paint.  And after approximately 10 seconds we needed a bath.

Probably L's favorite part of the whole weekend: she was REALLY excited about a trip to the grocery store ("COOKIE!!!").

Checking things off our list

Bath time tonight.  Who is this big girl and where is my baby?
The curly rat tail gets me every time.
Our weekend was busy but we had a lot of fun.  We sure do miss Daddy already, though!

Hope your weekend was great as well and that your weeks get off to a good start tomorrow!  


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