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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We're  baaaaaaaaack!  Did ya miss us?  We had a wonderful long Easter weekend at the beach with Dan's family.  It was fairly low-key, but we enjoyed spending time with his Mom & Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law and the sweetest nephews & niece ever.  Rather than write a novel, I figured I'd share (a lot of) pictures (and some captions - didn't think you were getting out of my long-windedness that easily, did you?!).  The weather was pretty cold all weekend until today, of course, when we were leaving.  As a result, Lilly did not get to rock any of the way too many cute bathing suits I've bought her, but maybe next time.  She did really well on her second trip out of town - it's always a lot more activity than she's used to, so I wondered if she'd have trouble adjusting, but I shouldn't have worried!  She took (fairly long) daily naps (in the crib!), slept really well at night, ate well (of course - no shocker there!) and was not really very fussy at all.  We had a wonderful weekend!  Without further ado, pictures (sorry in advance for my terrible photography skills, I need to take some classes or something!):
Lilly slept her way through her first beach visit!

Can't get over the cuteness of a monogram + zebra.

It was COLD at the beach!  And she sort of looks demonic here.

Nothing sweeter than naps with Daddy and ruffly tutus.  LOVE this pic.
Playground - swinging with Dad!

Second visit to the beach...yet again, sooo sleepy!

Cousins Ian, Erica and Ryan.

Layla hurt her paw and was limping and pitiful.  Therefore, Grandma Susie and Papa allowed her on the couch.  She loved snuggling with cousin Ryan!

Ian wathcing The Lion King

Erica reading Lilly her before-bedtime books

Happy First Easter - thanks for the bib, Grandma Susie!

First Easter Basket

Not amused at contents of aforementioned first Easter basket


Still not amused...

Why am I always wearing the same thing in family photos?

Naked baby playing with Daddy!

Playing with some of her new toys, courtesy of the Easter bunny

Her basket is HUGE.  See above as proof.  I may have gone a little overboard.  So what?

Sweet Easter bunny feet!
Before you judge me for buying a ton of stuff for her Easter basket when she is not even three months and would never know the difference, please know that I didn't!  I have been saving anything that was given to us that looked Easter-ish, so really I only bought her two things for her basket: the Lamaze hand/foot rattle set and the Infantino car seat chimes, both of which she LOVED.  The other items that were in there (given to us at various showers or after Lilly was born) were two books, a duck wubbanub, a stuffed duck with lots of mirrors/pull things, a stuffed bunny, a bunny lovie...and I think that's it.  I"ll report back later if I missed anything, but overall not too shabby for a first Easter basket, I'd say.

I hope that you and yours had a fantastic Holiday weekend! 


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