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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Months Old

Well, here we are again! I can't believe it's already time for another monthly update...and two weeks from yesterday, time for my maternity leave to end and for me to go back to work. I still don't want to talk about it! I am not sure how the format of this one is going to look - my sweet/super-smart-with-tech-stuff husband hooked the wireless keyboard up to the iPad for me so that I could blog from the couch, wahoo! Thanks for all of the stain help today - I will report back on what works! These update posts always tend to be super long, so without further ado, here are our three month stats.

Weight/Length: I really did have every intention of weighing and measuring Lilly today, I promise. I thought about it at least four times...and forgot each time. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow? Or maybe I should just remove this category because, let's be honest, even when I say I'm going to do it later, I never do. Mother of the year, yes?

Sleep: Still sleeping great! She typically goes down sometime between 10-11pm. Her wake up time varies - last week she was sleeping until 9:00 or after every day. This week she's been waking up between 7:00 - 8:00 am. I know I should not complain, because she's a wonderful sleeper, but my only gripe is trying to get her in bed earlier. The last time we were at the pediatrician, she said that it's still too early to start scheduling (6 months is the key here, apparently), but that it wasn't a bad idea to start a routine, specifically around bed time, to get her used to it. A lot of times I'll actually put Lilly in bed between 9-10, and then she'll talk and laugh and giggle until she either gets back up to eat or eventually falls asleep. She doesn't (knock on wood) cry when I put her in the crib (I'm sure this will change once we try to transition her out of the swaddle), but I can't figure out why she isn't tired earlier. Especially since for the past few days, she hasn't taken a good 3-hour afternoon nap like usual, so I know she's tired...why won't she sleep before 11? The pediatrician told us at her 2-month appointment that she would gradually move bedtime up on her own, we would notice it moving up by an hour one week and another hour the next, but so far that hasn't happened, so I'm at a loss.

Feeding: Still eating well, as evidenced by photos that you will see shortly. We have had a new development in this category, but I don't want to talk about it yet for fear of jinxing it, so I'll report back later in the week. In the meantime, I am pumping around 4-5 times/day on average: in the morning when we wake up (let's say 8) and then every 4 hours after that (12, 4, 8). If my last pumping session of the day is before 10 pm, I pump again at 10 pm (even if I just pumped at 9) just to drain the ladies a little so that they don't hurt as much when I wake up. We have around 300 ounces stored in our brand new freezer, so I'm doing well on the "being ahead" part. I guess one upside to her refusing to nurse is that I've got the whole pumping deal down-pat for when I return to work! In terms of Lilly, she is eating a 5-oz. bottle every 3-4 hours during the day - it's normally closer to every 3 hours if she's awake, but sometimes if she's napping she'll go 4. We are still doing a dream feed and trying to determine when to cut it out - I guess that will coincide with when we figure out how to move up her bed time?

Firsts This Month: Laughing! I've only gotten a couple of out-loud laughs, but boy are they sweet. I can't wait until she belly laughs all the time! First trip to the beach, which I blogged about previously - it was cold, but we had fun! First visit with the Easter bunny. First meal out in public - we've actually had a few now and they've all been very successful! First trip to church, also successful. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot.

Developments: Lilly is awake and alert for most of the day now - definitely not sleeping all day like before. She is happiest in the mornings - all smiles, giggling, and LOTS of talking/cooing, which is super cute - she's got Daddy eating out of her hand already, for sure (he takes the morning feeding)! She has decided she likes tummy time - only on the boppy, but she will hold that head up for a LONG time now and appears to have very good control - see below, I can't figure out how to put pictures where I want them using the blogger app. :-( She has also started batting at the toys that hang from her mat and from her carseat. Sometimes it's accidental, but accidental or on purpose it makes her giggle and it is the sweetest sound. She also has started to grab onto things - not super well, yet, but she's getting there. I'm not sure whether this is considered a "development," but several times recently she has sucked her thumb. Not her whole hand like usual - she actually puts specifically her thumb straight up to her mouth and sucks. We'll see if it sticks. She definitely recognizes faces and voices - it is so sweet to watch her light up when she sees or hears Dan or me. She is successfully napping in the crib - most times twice per day at least. She is able to "sit up" now when I prop her up in a chair instead of sagging to the side like a sloth. We don't have a bumbo seat, but I wonder what she'd do if I sat her in one. She's also quite nosey, like her namesake. Gosh, that was a lot!

Likes: Bath time, eating, cuddling, stroller rides, being worn in the baby k'tan (after you get her in, that is), singing and music, her swing, her bouncy chair, her piano gym play mat, tummy time on the boppy, being outside, toys, books, the sunshine (unless it's shining in her face in the car seat), Layla, watching the ceiling fan, people watching.

Dislikes: Being cold or hungry. Or overtired/over-stimulated. Oh and getting dressed - specifically anything that has to go over her head. That's really all I can think of - she's very happy, we're very lucky!

What I'm Thankful For: A job. I know I joke about dreading going back, because I never thought I'd want to stay at home but I have just enjoyed hanging out with Lilly all day SO much. The truth is, I like my job and the people I work with, so I'm anxious to see how all of it goes. I'm also thankful for our families and all they have done for us throughout the past few months. And the miracle blanket, which is a recent discovery that we're in LOVE with. I'm also thankful for whoever invented that miracle drug that I took which enabled all of my clothes to fit properly again...oh wait, that didn't happen? Sigh.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Lilly's baptism next weekend. It will be a very special weekend, and we're looking forward to spending it with all of our friends and family.

Next Pediatrician Appointment: I don't think we have another one until 4 months, so the end of May.

How Mommy's Doing: Great! I am rested and have gotten the hang of pumping, which is good since I'll need to use that skill starting approximately two weeks from yesterday. My only complaint is that none of my clothes are fitting right, but word on the street is that they may never fit the same again...sigh.

I couldn't decide on just one photo, and of course the blogger app won't let me insert them in the post however I want to - or at least, I can't figure it out, so below are a few from the past few days. Sorry this one's lengthy, and don't forget to vote today. ;-)

Happy three months, Lilly bean! We love you more than you could ever imagine. :-)


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