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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rash Help!

Unfortunately for Lilly, I think she inherited (at least) two not-so-fun things from me: VERY sensitive skin, and being hot-natured.  Her poor skin is very sensitive to everything - even the most bland, organic products cause her to break out.  She is SO prone to diaper rash that I try to change her diaper literally the second it is dirty/wet (which is not hard because she also inherited from me a hatred of being dirty, and therefore lets me know as soon as she needs to be changed) and I also put diaper cream on her with every change.    Even with that, she still gets pretty bad diaper rash sometimes, which call for more desperate measures such as letting her hang out on some towels butt naked for an hour after bath time to air her tiny lady parts out.  As long as she's not cold, she loves being naked, so it works out for all involved!  Sadly, this also probably results in more diaper usage than the normal household.  I originally wanted to try cloth diapers, but decided against it since none of our daycares will allow it.  However, all of this sensitivity is causing me to reconsider, because I've read that cloth is the solution!  Anyway, I digress.

Not only does Lilly not like being cold, but she does NOT like being hot, either.  With the weather here in Raleigh having been so nice, there have been some pretty hot days.  I'm sure the fabric that car seats are made of contributes to the problem, because mostly I've only noticed her sweating when she's in the car seat.  Since she is a fatty total chunkster, sweat, spit up, milk, drool, etc. tend to be easily missed and get stuck in her little fat rolls, which irritate aforementioned sensitive skin.  I have been battling this nasty little rash for a week now:
See neck area above
Close up :-(
I feel like a terrible mother, but no matter what I do, I cannot combat this thing!  This rash started when we were at the beach for Easter - it was pretty cold, so we think that it was caused by not wiping her well enough when she was eating and got lazy and drooled milk everywhere.  We tried to be more conscious of spills and wiping, and we powdered it a few times a day and I thought it had gone away.  However, I then noticed that it was back this week, I think due to the fact that it was a lot warmer than usual outside over the weekend and she gets hot and sweaty and moisture just gathers there.  Anyway, I had been powdering it a few times per day, with my thought process being that I should keep it dry.  That didn't work, so after talking with Stephanie, I decided to use aquaphor - she said that when Hadley has gotten it, the aquaphor has done the trick (that's why it's so shiny in the above picture, I had just put ointment on it).  Bad news: the aquaphor isn't working either!  Today I've gone back to powdering, and instead of just a few times/day I've powdered every time I have changed a diaper.  It may take a few days, but it still doesn't look better to me.  Luckily, it doesn't seem to be bothering sweet Lilly:

Any other tips/ointments/powders/miracle rash destroyers that I have not tried/don't know about?  Help!  I want this rash to be gone from my sweet girl's chunky neck rolls.  Unfortunately, I'm afraid we're going to have a hard time with this over the summer being that it's probably going to be a scorcher.  Sorry, Lilly bean!

Hope everyone has had a great Thursday - and don't forget to vote!



  1. I know NOTHING about babies, but I know Megan at puts Aquaphor then a dusting of cornstarch on her son's rash. Check out her blog for a netter explanation?? Feel better L!

  2. Stumbled across this blog post because FB showed me that Lindsay Carver commented on it. The rash under her neck could be yeast and if so Nystatin cream will clear it up. Just a thought!

  3. Hey, when mason had exema we changed to dove beauty bar for bath time, hydrocortisone topped with aquaphor. I know it's not the same as a rash but it's all skin irritations. That was all recommended by our doctor and cleared up after a week. Hasn't been back since... Hope her I'll rash goes away soon. I know it bothers momma more than them.

  4. At my baby care class yesterday, the nurse recommended using a diaper barrier like Desitin with every change for sensitive babies, and for rashes anything with zinc oxide. She said the Butt Paste stuff is the best. Also, even the natural care baby wipes can cause irritation so she said to use plain warm water and paper towels instead of wipes.

    Not sure what to do about her poor little neck, but maybe those things will help with the diaper rash part?


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