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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Battle of the B00bs

For those of you who have checked on us, thank you so much.  Lilly is still nursing wonderfully!  I love it so much - it is hard to explain, and I know it's weird but now that she's cooperating I'm afraid I won't want to stop nursing, ever.  Guess we'll see how it goes once she starts sprouting teeth.  ;-)  I have heard people say the same thing before, that they weren't sure they'd want to stop, and I never really got it, but now that we are breast feeding successfully, I get it 100%.  

The only thing I've had any trouble with so far is nursing in public.  I'm not sure how many of you, if any, read this article in the Huffington Post a while back.  In a nutshell, there is is and probably always will be controversy over nursing in public.  While it is a woman's right to feed her baby, it doesn't always make everyone comfortable.  I'm not really sure where I stand on this debate.  I don't think I'll ever be the kind of person who feels comfortable whipping out a b00b and breast feeding out in the open in a  public place, but I am happy to find a dressing room or quiet spot or even my car with a nursing cover if need be.  On that same token, I would never judge anyone who was comfortable nursing in public, but I do understand that it makes others uncomfortable.  I have been fighting that battle already, and Lilly has only been breast feeding for a week now.

Breast feeding has made it SO much easier to go places.  I haven't had to worry about how many extra bottles to take "just in case," how to go about warming them since she won't eat them cold because they upset her tummy, etc. depending on where I'm going.  We've been to a few stores, and I've nursed her in the dressing room.  The most awkward encounter so far was actually in BuyBuy Baby on Sunday.  I was happy to run over there after church with Dan to pick up a few things, because I know they have a room for nursing mothers.  I've never been in it and was excited to check it out (dorky, I know).  Sure enough, we hadn't been in the store long when it was time for Lilly to eat.  The nursing room is actually REALLY nice.  What I didn't realize was, it is set up so that more than one person can nurse at a time.  I'm not really sure what I was anticipating, but I saw the "knock before entering sign" on the door and assumed that meant, if someone is in here, wait your turn.  Not so much.  Here is how it was set up:

Yup, you counted them - THREE gliders.  Sigh.  The cream-colored glider to the right of the stroller is the exact one we have in Lilly's room - the only difference is that we have the ottoman, but anyway that's the one I chose.  The thing you need to understand about Sunday is that my attire was not very conducive to nursing.  We went to BBB straight from church, and I was wearing a dress with a  sheer overlay so I had to wear a regular bra that was nude colored.  So essentially, when Lilly and I got into the room I had to strip down into the slip part of the dress and go from there.  We hadn't been in there long, she was eating and we were minding our own business, when someone else came in.  Talk about awkward.  She just wheeled her cart in and left it by the door, and then plopped down in the tan colored glider right across from me.  I first had to apologize for being half-dressed, and then she just started chatting it up with me.  It was very obvious that she didn't feel weird about it at all, and I'm not really sure why, but I did.  She was finished a lot quicker than we were - Lilly is a slow eater and I swear this woman was in and out in 10 minutes or less.  Other than that slightly awkward encounter, things have been smooth sailing in the nursing department.  Yay, us!

We've had a busy day today!  We got some things done around the house this morning, and then went to visit Daddy at work this afternoon.

All of the ladies there love Lilly, and all wanted to know how we get the bow to stay in her hair!  I sure will miss this sweet face when I go back to work next week (double frowny face):

Happy Wednesday!  


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