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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Holiday Weekend In Pictures

Keeping it short and sweet tonight!  As promised, a post about Lilly's weekend in pictures.  

First, I'll start with Thursday at the doctor.  I know, Thursday isn't really the weekend, but Lilly was in the BEST mood and it is too cute not to share.  She laid on that table and laughed, talked, cooed, and giggled.  Even when the doctor came in, she was all smiles and belly fact, she talked so much (and so loudly) that when Dr. Vining came in she said, "You two may want to be careful, I think Lillian may have just broadcast your social security numbers to the entire office."  She was hilarious!  Until shots, when she was pitiful, and it broke my heart.

The examination room was painted with all kinds of animals and Lilly LOVED them, particularly the rooster that was right beside the exam table:

She was so cute chatting it up with Mr. Rooster, so I snagged a quick video:

Waiting for shots... :-(

We headed to charlotte on Thursday night so Mom could help with Lilly while I worked on Friday.  We made a pit stop in Asheboro to feed Lilly and visit with my Granny & Papa.

On Friday morning, L went to the farmer's market with Grandmommy and PawPaw.  She had a great time looking around and people watching, and it wore her out!

My firm closed at 3:00 on Friday in observance of the holiday weekend (score!), so we took advantage of some afternoon pool time.  Do you die over this baby floppy hat as much as I did?!

First time in the pool and LOVING it despite the less-than-her-normal-bath-water-warm water.

Naked baby!

Still naked and loving being outside for cuddles with Aunt Jo.

All of the swimming really wore her out - she fell asleep sitting up!

More cuddles from Granny.
 Saturday was full of play time, lots of naps (guess all of the pool excitement the day before really wore L out), and more pool time:
Big girl sitting in the bumbo and playing with her toys!

PawPaw has jokes.

Yup, funny guy, PawPaw is!

Story time with Grandmommy - thanks for my new books, John David - I love them!

But Daaaaaaaad, I HATE SUNSCREEN!!!

Layla wanted in on the swimming action, too.

I swore I took pictures on Sunday as well, but they must have been on my camera and not my phone, so I'll upload them later.  My parents had a cookout with friends and family, and we had a blast.  Lilly played, swam, and was happy as a lark being passed around for snuggles.  

Monday was a travel day, so it was pretty low key.  We did swing by a cookout on our way in, and were happy to get to see all of the Kniers.  Lilly and Olivia were so cute together:
Couldn't you just die over Olivia's hair?!  Sweet girls.  

Almost hump day!


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