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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Layla Hates Me :-(

Quick post tonight because I'm exhausted.  I'm having a little problem that I am hoping someone else has had and can help me solve.  I haven't had a chance to call the vet or do a lot of research, but I plan to, and stat.  My problem is this: Layla hates me.  Ever since Lilly was born, she literally hates me.  

Take tonight, for example.  Meagan and I were having a wine night after L went to bed since our men had an after-work event.  I called Layla to come sit with me and she walked over like she was going to but then wouldn't get on the couch with me.  She went to sit with Meagan instead.  After a few minutes, I called her again.  She jumped off of Meagan's lap, came over like she was going to get on the couch with me, and then immediately turned around and went back to Meagan.  The other day, I had Cheezits (any of you who know Layla know that homegirl LOVES people food, but Cheezits are her absolute favorite) and tried to lure her with those and she still wouldn't come near me.  When I am at home alone with she and Lilly, she spends a lot of time upstairs away from us, which she has NEVER done before - she loves to be around people, especially Dan and I (or at least she used to), so she used to be wherever we were.  Now, if she's downstairs and it's just me, she acts really weird, almost like she did something wrong because she hangs her head and won't look at me which is what she does when she's in trouble.  If Dan's here, she's totally normal.  It is so weird.  Even tonight after Dan got home when I was frustrated and almost in tears over it, he made me call her with my stern voice for what he likes to call a "forced cuddle."  She finally got up on the couch with me, but only because she thought she was in trouble - and then she wouldn't even look at me, she just sat with her back to me.

This is SO unlike my dog.  And she is not like this with Dan, only me.  And it truly has really only been since Lilly came home.  I have said before that she doesn't love Lilly like I hoped she would - I think that will (hopefully) come when Lilly is a little older and moving around. But me?  She's always loved me.  When I was pregnant with Lilly, I could tell that she sensed it, but she didn't act like this - she still snuggled whenever I wanted to and came when I called her.  Now, it's like she doesn't even want to be around me.  It makes me so sad - there have definitely been some tears over this.  I know it sounds crazy, but she was my first baby.  Why doesn't she love me anymore?  She still sleeps cuddled right up against me, but really that's about the only thing she'll have to do with me anymore.  I have tried so hard to make a conscious effort to still make her feel important (to the extent that a dog can "feel," but you know what I mean), but I guess maybe I'm failing.

Has anyone else had this issue?  What do I do?  Help!  I want my sweet Layla to love me again!!!

Happy Hump day closer to the long weekend!  Oh, and don't forget to vote for us!  :-)



  1. This is completely normal. It happens way more than anyone would ever think. Do your best to continue as normal with her. Maybe spend some extra time with her (make a point to keep calling her, touching her, etc). I would also rec maybe a moment set aside for just the two of you (go for a really quick walk, I know it's tough finding time with work & the baby, but try). You have to "re-bond" with her. She feels like she's been replaced. It's just like if you had a child already and they "regress." She's confused. Things will get better, just keep doing what your doing!!

  2. Sarah-

    I completely agree with the previous post. I went thru this with our first baby Lucy. She would not even get in the bed with me.. it broke my heart. I started taking her for walks just by ourselves and slowly it got better. Things are better now but she is still jealous which I don't blame her. But just try to make alone time with her. It will get better. Savannah is just over a year old and poor Lucy probably wishes she would get some peace.. lol. I know its really hard.. especially because we as new mommies are going through so much emotionally.

  3. I am going to state the truth here. It does not mean that your dog does not like you.

    There are many dogs that do similar things like this to their owner. The do them for a reason. Does she feel superior to you? does she do it on certain occasions?

    There are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself to get to the bottom of why she behaves this way. Then tackle the problem using positive reinforcement dog training.


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