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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I haven't done one of these in a while - perhaps since I was pregnant, actually.  Mainly because there's normally nothing to write about.  Sounds familiar, I haven't blogged in a while either.  Whoops!  

Our weekend was pretty busy, actually.  Friday around midday I left to go to my cousin, Christie's bachelorette party for the night at Lake Lookout.  This was the first time I'd ever left Lilly overnight, and to say I was nervous was an understatement.  I left her in very capable hands - she and Daddy had a lot of fun.  Kind of.  Dan said she was pretty fussy and had several meltdowns, which is totally unlike her.  I like to think it's because she missed her Mommy.  :-)  It was also the first time I'd had to pump full-time since Tuesday when Lilly randomly decided to start nursing, and I was spoiled and forgot how much I hate it.  I was also secretly worried that she'd start to heart bottles again and wouldn't nurse when I got back, but she picked it back up like a champ and we've been nursing ever since.  Yay, Lilly!  Anyway, I had a nice time at the lake, and I'm sure it was good for both of us for me to be away for a day (not even).  There was a lot of girl talk, consumption of adult beverages (boooo pump & dump), and games.  I can't believe Christie is getting married next weekend!  Here are some of the only family-friendly photos I managed to come home with from our girls night:

Bet ya can't guess who the bunny slippers came from.  Yup, Jeanne.

Saturday morning, I planned to soak up some sun on this pale body, but the weather had other plans.  Since it was cold and cloudy, I headed back to Raleigh earlier than anticipated.  Lilly went down for a nap about 10 minutes after I got home, so Dan and I spent some time around the house getting a few things done - and I finished my mirror project! Can't wait to show it to you with the nursery reveal, whenever that may be.  Then, I hopped in the shower to get ready, because we went to the Sugarland concert on Saturday night and Lilly was staying with a babysitter - someone other than family - for the very first time.  I was super nervous about this as well, and you know I gave Hannah (the babysitter) WAY more information than she needed or cared about, because I am OCD, but baby girl did great!  Hannah let me harass her with texts all night to check in, and she sent me pictures, including this one that I got about halfway through the concert:

My smiley, giggly girl!  Love her.  Hannah said she was only really fussy one time, and it was because she was hungry.  What can I say?  The child loves to eat.  The Sugarland concert was a lot of fun as well, and we had great seats!

Sunday was a big day for the Baum family.  We joined a church!  We have been searching for one since we moved to Raleigh, and couldn't ever find anything that felt just right to us.  We stumbled upon Fairmont United Methodist Church last summer, and immediately felt like we'd found our church home.  It's important to us to raise our daughter in a Christian home, just as we were raised, and we know that God has a lot in store for our baby girl.  I grew up going to the same church my whole life, Pineville United Methodist, and my church family truly has been my second family.  Some of my fondest memories happened at that church with the youth group.  I want that for Lilly, too, and am so glad we found Fairmont.  It has a "small church" feel, just like I'm used to, and pretty traditional services, which was Dan's request.  The members span all ages and all walks of life, and there are plenty of activities for us to get involved with.  There have also been four baptisms in the past month, so Lilly will have plenty of friends her age!  I'm always nervous about taking Lilly to church, but I'm not sure why because she always does great.  
Yet again me in the same dress - guess I really like it!

All of the excitement wore her slap out.
Sunday afternoon we ran some errands, had a nice lunch, and then finally got to relax.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL, and we wanted to spend some time outside, so Dan set Lilly up and we were good to go!

My child LOVES to be outside, and LOVES to be naked!

Hope your weekend was great as well!  Lilly is awake and hungry, so I have to run.  We have a busy week, but I'll do my best to keep you updated.  Don't forget to vote!  :-)


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  1. Awww! Christie! I wish I could be there :( Please send her m love and congrats!!!


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