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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Week in Pictures

I just got home not long ago from the longest day.  I had the longest day yesterday as well and another long day is on the agenda tomorrow, so I am pretty useless right now.  I am surprised I found the brain cells to even type, ha!  I wanted to get a quick post in, though, since I didn't get to it yesterday.

Most of these were supposed to be from the "weekend roundup" post that I never got around to writing.  I'm on my way to soak in the bath with a bottle of champagne (I can dream right?) for a few before going straight to bed, so I hope you enjoy.  I still have the gender reveal post on my "to do" list but want to be able to devote some time to it and I just don't have the energy tonight.  

Nothing sweeter than my loveys snuggling together!

Diva on the way to school on Friday.  Could NOT get her to take the glasses off, so we wore them in.  And she talked to Hadley and then Mimi on the phone about school and Ms. Joanne.

Cheeeeeeese.  I think this is hysterical.

Enjoying a night out downtown at SparkCon!

Lilly was enthralled by the jugglers.

My Instagram friends (follow me! baumse) have already seen this, but we met a cat named Tuffy while we were out on a walk on Saturday.  Lilly saw him from across the street and said, "Mommy!  Pet kitty!"  I couldn't believe us but he let us pet him!  After about 20 (mostly unsuccessful) attempts by Lilly to tackle him he decided to run on home, and my sweet girl was so sad that she cried.  

CAUGHT IN THE ACT!  She was supposed to be helping me but instead sampled the cookie dough.

Dan picked these up somewhere and L has had the BEST time with them.  Except they're kind of gross because she puts them on the floor and they are now covered in dog hair.  Guess I need to sweep more often.

WE LOVE CHALK!  Dan traced our chalk family on Saturday.  I am wearing a sweet outfit and Lilly has no hair but is wearing a bow.


"Helping" Daddy sweep up mulch after yard work.

A wheelbarrow ride.

Grocery shopping with Mommy!  I stalled her with apple samples on our way to the cookies.

I think this next series is hilarious.  1. Reading the list.

2.  I think we need to go to the cereal isle.


Hope your week has been great!


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