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Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Roundup, Labor Day Style

I realized while typing the title of this post that it has been far too long since I've done one of these.  Sunday is normally our day to catch up from the past week and prepare for the upcoming week, and it's so easy to just relax after Lilly goes to bed instead of coming upstairs to type a blog entry.  Perhaps I should convince my husband that I was wrong about the desktop and that we need instead a laptop (I hate it when he's right).  Anyway, I digress, after a post every day last week (first time in a LONG time that has happened for sure), I figured I needed to keep it up.  So, without further ado, our Labor Day Weekend in (mostly) photos.

I had a work event at UNCW on Wednesday night, so on Wednesday morning when Lilly woke up, we packed up the car and headed to the beach.  My in-laws were nice enough to let us stay at their house (thank you!!!), so why not?!  On the car ride to Carolina Beach, Dan drove while I used the wireless card and worked and Lilly watched Elmo on the iPad.  I am not sure what we did before these wonderful inventions, seriously.  I am so thankful for technology (and a flexible job!), because I was able to knock out some work while my daughter was happy and occupied so that we could spend some time on the beach before I had to go to work that evening!

Some friends were vacationing with their families at the same time at a nearby beach, so when we arrived we unpacked the car pretty quickly and then headed to the beach to squeeze in some sunshine before I had to work.  The weather was perfect, but I managed to forget my phone and not take a single photo, ugh.  Here is one that was taken of some of the kids eating ice cream while I was at my event and Dan was on Daddy duty:

How cute are they?!
I took PTO for the rest of the week so that we could play.  On the way home from my work event on Wednesday night, the Krispy Kreme "hot now" sign was on, so obviously that meant I had to get a dozen...I mean it really wasn't even a choice.  I won't tell you how many I ate on the car ride back to my in-laws house (but you'll know where the pounds came from if I've gained 10 at my next doctor visit, oy!), but I knew that they would be a nice surprise for Lilly the next morning.  Homegirl LOVES some donuts.  

After breakfast on Thursday, we loaded up and headed back to the beach for the morning.  This time, Dan was able to get a few good photos before his phone crapped out (ugh, when is the new iPHone coming out?!):

We had a great time and can't wait to go back to the beach at the end of the month for Eaker Family Vacation!

After lunch, we headed to Concord to hang out with Dan's brother and his family for the weekend.  We had a blast!  These four kids are crazy together, and it's hard to get good photos because they are all constantly moving.  Luckily, I was able to get a few.

Thursday night snuggles with Erica


Going "fishing" at the nearby creek

The girls riding in their chariot to the fishing hole


Lilly was much more interested in "swimming" (aka getting wet and filthy) than fishing

Saturday evening bike ride with Daddy (and then Mommy)

First time on the potty!  Aunt Andrea let us try hers out.  Nothing happened, but she liked sitting on it to read a book.  Pretty sure she peed as soon as she got in the tub, but whatever. 

Saturday night movie "Finding Nemo"

Of course this only lasted for about 30 seconds, at which point I was trying to convince Lilly that jumping on the pallet was not as fun as watching the movie!

From Concord, we headed to South Charlotte on Sunday afternoon to spend a little time with my family.  Lots of grandparent spoiling occurred!  

Afternoon snack at the pool.  The water was COLD so we only swam for about five minutes, but the weather was perfect!

PawPaw getting some corn

Morning snuggles with Mimi and cousin Mason!

No pants dance on Dundee's fancy new dog bed
Lilly also got a NEW cousin this weekend!  We are so excited for Aunt Meredith and Uncle  Mikey and can't wait to meet our newest baby cousin, Dorothy.

We had such a fun weekend and are so happy we got to spend it with family, but this mama is exhausted!  Time to rest up before the start of another busy work week.  We have parent orientation at Lilly's school tomorrow evening, and Wednesday is her first day!  More to come on that, but say a prayer for my emotions because I feel sure I'll cry.  I am not sure who this big girl is and where my baby girl went!  Hopefully I can squeeze in a 17-week update tomorrow after orientation as well.  AND one week from today, we'll know the gender of Baby Baum 2.0!

Hope everyone had as wonderful of a Labor Day weekend as the Baums did.  Happy almost Tuesday!


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