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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BB 2.0: 19 Weeks

I feel like I blink and it's time for an update.  Where do the weeks go?  Actually, where do the days/hours/minutes go?  Time is flying.  I need to get it together!  I'm tired (again) so this one will probably be short.  Sorry in advance to baby boy if at some point in the future he feels like his posts are skimpy compared to his sister's.  Mama had a LOT more time to write back in the olden days.  :-)

Size of Baby B 2.0:  An heirloom tomato!

Baby Boy weighs around 8.5 ounces and is 6 inches long, head to bottom.  If he has hair (his sister certainly did not, even though they lied and said she did during labor checks), it is starting to sprout.  Apparently some research suggests that he can hear my voice now.  I kind of hope not or he may have gotten his first taste of curse words at work today.  Ha!

Weight Gain So Far:  Ughhhhhh I hate this category, hate it!  Per my home scale, I think I have gained somewhere between 5-6 pounds.  I'll have an official report next week, and I'm sure I'll get fussed at.  Too many sweets!  Although looking back at my 19-week stats from L's pregnancy, I had gained 4 lbs at this point, so I guess I'm not as bad as I thought.

Cravings:  This is a weird one since it's still warm here, but I have been killing some soup lately.  Tomato soup from Cafe Carolina has been my favorite, but I've also been known to go for chicken noodle or lentil at Whole Foods or any variety of deliciousness at Panera.  I'm talking at least twice a week, too.  Over the weekend I inhaled a Campbell's tomato topped with some of Lilly's goldfish.  Weird, I know.

Aversions:  Still nada, hooray!

Symptoms:  Same old, not any changes really - I'm tired and I can't poop.  Ugh.  OH and I don't think I've mentioned it yet this time around but the sensitive smell is in full force.  I swear I can smell a dirty diaper from the other side of the house.

Movement:  Again not much change here, a few jabs here and there but not nearly as much as I remember feeling with L.  I went back and checked my 19-week blog post from Lilly's pregnancy and it looks like she was just getting going around this point last time, so I guess I am remembering tons of movement from when I was further along.  Perhaps my humongo baby bump is tricking me into thinking I'm further along than I am.

What I Miss:  Can't really think of much this week, I feel great!  

Signs of a Bump:  Ah, yes.  

And Lilly at 19 weeks:

For the record, I kind of hate this picture.  BUT this was the best day ever.  Between the two of us, we consumed an entire helmet full of nachos at the Cubs game.  Score!

What I'm Thankful For:  My husband.  He has had to pick up a lot of my slack lately with Lilly and around the house due to crazy times at work, and I'm very grateful that we have a good support system in each other.  We are both busy, but we make it work!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Another weekend at home.  Dan and I are going to a concert with friends on Friday night, Frankie is coming to visit, and we have a potential play date with one of Lilly's classmates.  Maybe I can find time somewhere in there to get to all of the projects I didn't get to last weekend.  HA.

Next Doctor Appointment:  Next week!  Monday, September 23rd.  Sadly I think I'm done with ultrasounds now, but maybe I'll get lucky.  :-)

In news unrelated to Baby Boy, I was lucky to have a pretty awesome lunch date today with some sweet girls!  Kinsley had a doctor appointment and I didn't have lunch plans, so Carney brought both girls to meet me before K went to the doctor.  We had so much fun!  After lunch, Carney ran to drop Kinsley off for her appointment and Lilly and I went to get a cupcake.  It was such a nice midday treat, I wish we could do it every day!  I'll leave you with some cuteness overload from today's lunch date.

Such a ham!

Kisses for Kinsley

And hugs!

Almost hump day, yeah!


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