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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sick Day

Sweet Lillian Grace had to stay home from school today, and she was so sad about it.

She was running a low-grade fever last night, and really didn't have any other symptoms other than she wouldn't eat and was really lethargic.  She asked to snuggle and laid in my lap for a good hour.  While I was secretly savoring every second of cuddle time, I was so sad that she didn't feel well!  She was the most pitiful little thing.  I gave her medicine, and luckily it worked and brought the fever down within 30 minutes.  

Lilly's fever was gone when she woke up this morning, but I kept her home from school to be safe (the rule is that they shouldn't go to school until their fever is gone for 24 hours without medicine).  She slept fine last night, and still did not have any other symptoms other than the fact that she didn't eat hardly anything today (but she still drank milk and water).  I stayed home with her this morning in an effort to keep the germs as far away from Kinsley (and Carney) as possible, and although her fever was gone I could tell that she still was not feeling 100% - mainly because she spent most of the day on the couch reading books to herself and she never sits still for that long.

Her fever came back this evening but was still very low-grade, around 101.  When I spoke with the nurse last night (we have been fortunate to not have much experience with fevers over the past 20 months so I called to ask at what point I needed to be concerned in case we had a bad night since Dan was out of town) she said that fevers typically spike in the evening so not to be too concerned.  I am hoping that this is just some 24-hour thing and it's not just the beginning of some unknown symptoms to come.  Lilly bean needs to be healthy for our fun beach trip this weekend!

One last thing, I told Dan tonight that I think I learned what it must be like to be in a room (or on a car ride) with myself.  Homegirl talks NON. STOP.  I am not even sure what about, but as long as she was sitting still she wanted to be talking.  Hilarious, that one!  Additionally, she asked to go to school ALL DAY.  I was so sad that she couldn't go (and I'm so glad that she loves it so much!), especially since she'll miss Friday as well due to our travel plans.

I'll leave you with a pitiful (but still cute) snapshot of L's day:

Feel better soon, sweet girl!


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