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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Big Milestone!

Howdy, friends!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Ours was wonderful but I have been a busy bee this evening and am exhausted (more on that in a weekend roundup post, hopefully tomorrow), so this one is going to (hopefully) be quick.

I feel like I really only posted about Baby Boy last week, and I still have plenty of pregnancy-related posts to write but this blog is, after all, still about Lilly as well, and homegirl had a pretty big milestone towards the end of last week:  she used the potty for the first time!

Please understand that I am not getting overly excited about this, as I'm sure it was just a fluke.  And we are not hardcore potty training, either - really, we're just seeing if she's interested.  I don't think I ever blogged about this from L's 18-month visit with Dr. V, but she will often times tell us when she has used the bathroom in her diaper.  We relayed this to Dr. V, and asked if we should be doing anything about it, and she advised us to go ahead and let L try out the potty.  She said not to force it, but to just make it part of Lilly's routine, maybe starting with before bath time, and see what happens.  If you recall, the first time Lilly sat on a potty was at my brother- and sister-in-law's house over Labor Day Weekend (I know I've already posted the following two photos, but I haven't taken anymore potty photos and these are cute so I'm re-using.  Sue me.).  

As I mentioned in that post, nothing happened and I'm fairly sure she peed once she got in the tub.  There was a lot of commotion in the bathroom that evening, and it was all we could do to get L to squat and stay still for a minute, so I was not surprised that she didn't do anything but she seemed to enjoy sitting there reading.  Since then, L has asked about the potty a couple of times.  I had been meaning to get a potty for our house and just kept forgetting every time we were at Target (which is frequently) until last week when I was placing an Amazon order and remembered to order one (I chose this one in green for anyone who cares, and I ordered some new books for potty reading for good measure).  It arrived on Thursday and from the second Dan opened it Lilly was ob.sessed.  She made us take her clothes off so she could sit on it immediately.  In the middle of the living room.  Not surprisingly, nothing happened.  

Lilly has been taking baths in our bathroom lately, because she is enamored with "Mommy's bath."  We have a garden tub, so I assume it's because she has more room to spread out.  Anyway, since that's where she has been bathing, I took the potty upstairs on Thursday evening and sat it down right in front of our toilet.  We took her upstairs, stripped her down, sat her on the toilet, and lo and behold...she peed.  We didn't even know what to do, because we weren't expecting it!  Dan was in the bathroom with her, and I was en route to Lilly's room to grab a few books she hadn't read in a while (she did not appear to be amused with the new books I'd ordered for her at the time) to keep her occupied so she'd sit for a few minutes, and all of a sudden Dan was all, "Um!  Sarah!  She's peeing!  What do we do?!"  Luckily I'd thought ahead and had some m&ms, so she got three and of course Dan and I made a huge deal about her going in the toilet.  She ate them and then asked for more.  I told her if she pee peed again she could have three more, and if she pooped she could have five, ha!  It seemed like a good plan at the time.  

The next two nights nothing happened, we just sat for about five minutes and read books (she's decided that she likes the new ones now) and then took our bath as usual.  And then tonight, randomly...she pooped (?!?!?!?!!!).  She got five m&ms, again we made a big deal out of it, again she asked for more m&ms and again I told her if she pee-peed she could have more.  She never did do anything else, but I'll take pooping in her potty over pooping in the tub any day, ha!

I figure that this is probably a fluke, and I'm frankly not sure that Lilly has the bladder control to full-on potty train quite yet, but I was excited that she went - it's a big deal! -  and now I know that she at least knows what to do should the mood strike her.  Our thought process is that, per Dr. V's suggestion, we'll make it part of her bath time routine, and whenever she starts going consistently, we'll start to slowly move forward.  I don't want to have any expectations or put any pressure on her, because I know she'll let us know when she's ready.  She has been asking for the potty ("Mommy, pee pee on the potty?") a few times during the day since she went the first time, but so far I've only been sitting her on it before bath.

I'll report back if things start to progress, but I thought it was an important milestone that I should document. I'm sure when she's a teenager she'll be thrilled that I put this out there for everyone to read.  Who is the big girl, and where did my baby go?

Hope your weekend was fabulous and relaxing!



  1. Yay Lilly!!! I'm starting to feel that way about Aiden, even though he's only 9 months old. I had to put him in big boy pjs last night and I didn't like it one bit:( I know it's all apart of the process but that hit me hard for some reason.

    1. It is both the most exciting and the most devastating thing to see them grow up! Of course you want them to grow because they are supposed to, but it is also so sad and happens way too fast. I always get weepy when Lilly moves up a clothing size, and now that we know #2 is a boy I have been weepy at the prospect of going through all of her clothes and getting rid of some. It never ends, I tell you!


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