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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Accidents Happen

I wasn't sure I wanted to blog this because I have been feeling like the worst mother in the history of the world since it happened, but I feel like it needs to be documented so here we go.  We had gymnastics on Thursday, and L experienced her first "real" injury.  And it was basically my fault.  There, I said it.  Ugh.

There is a huge foam pit at the gym where Lilly goes to gymnastics.  It is a huge hit, definitely the favorite activity for all of the kids, so they get to play in it for 5 or so minutes at the end of each class.  Lilly is pretty good at jumping, but she's not great at jumping out from the edge of the pit - just straight up and down.  Because of that, Dan typically gets in the foam pit and I help L "jump" (read: she jumps and I help by basically throwing her) to him.  On Thursday, she went in a few times and was squealing and so excited.  On the third or fourth jump, Dan wasn't ready to catch her and I didn't know it, and she landed directly on his legs (with her legs still extended).  She was immediately in hysterics, and my heart dropped into my stomach as I fought back tears because I knew she was hurt.  I saw it happen and was praying that she hadn't injured her back or spine or something terrible/irreparable.  Sure enough, Dan handed her to me and I tried to get her to stand up and her legs immediately buckled and she fell over, sobbing.  So of course I cried too.  I have learned that I am definitely not good in a pinch when I'm pregnant...I'm WAY too emotional to be clear-headed.

For the rest of the night, L couldn't put any weight on her right leg without screaming in pain.  She was so pitiful, she just kept saying, "my knee hurts, my knee hurts."  This scared me the most because I'm obviously not a doctor, but it's not like you can break your knee - it's normally something terrible like tearing your ACL.  She didn't have any other symptoms - she could bend it with no problems or crying and it wasn't swollen, so I was hopeful that it would just be sore overnight and she'd be better on Friday.  We made the decision to see how she did on Thursday night/Friday morning instead of taking her to the emergency room since she seemed to be ok as long as she was carried around and staying in one spot (this was actually Dan's clear headed-ness because I was ready to call the ambulance).  

Lilly cried out in her sleep all night Thursday night - when I looked at the monitor I could see that every time she moved in her sleep and put any weight on that right leg she cried out.  I spent the whole night not sleeping, wrestling with guilt and worrying about her.  On Friday morning, she couldn't even pull herself up in her crib and definitely still couldn't put any weight on it - forget even trying to walk.  I called the doctor first thing and was able to get an appointment, and then I spent the rest of the morning in hysterics over being a horrible mother.  Dan kept telling me that it wasn't my fault, accidents happen, etc. etc. but I really and truly felt like it was my fault and could have been prevented.  

Luckily, the doctor said that it's just a bad knee sprain and that she should be better in a few days - a week, max.  I will spare you the dramatics, but I was so relieved that it wasn't worse.  On Saturday she still couldn't put weight on her right leg, but by today she was hobbling around on it for most of the day, so I hope that means that she's on the mend and will be better in a few days.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a 2-year-old with a limp.  I was picturing her with baby crutches or a baby wheel chair or baby cast and cringing.  She walks into crap all of the time when she isn't hurt, so I can only imagine how complicated any of those contraptions would have made things!  I am also not used to L not being able to walk, so it was a big adjustment for all three of us that she had to be carried all weekend - she was very frustrated at not being able to do things for herself.  I am just so relieved that she seems to be feeling better, and we actually got through the whole day without her telling me that her knee hurt.

L was a trooper at the doctor, so I promised her a cupcake.  That little stinker ate the WHOLE thing (a full-sized one!) while I was placing an order for her birthday cupcakes.  Baby and I were not amused but it looks like she enjoyed it.  :-)
If you follow me on Instagram, this photo probably looks familiar, but it is too sweet not to share.  There's nothing better than a snuggle with my best girl!!!
Loving her Christmas present from Uncle Bo, Aunt Meagan and Kins.  A good thing to sit still with for long periods of time when you can't walk.  :-(
In other news, Dan and I both worked our tails off this weekend trying to mark some baby-related things off of our list.  We basically got every baby item we owned out of the attic and I spent the weekend going through everything so that we can better determine what we have vs. what we're lacking.  This included going through all of Lilly's clothes to see how much unisex stuff we had that could be reused and reorganizing her things.  It had to be done, but GOSH was it a lot of work.  I did have a (very small) pile of things to give away at the end of the day, but I mostly just re-organized everything that I have for her to save.  Here are some photos of my progress - I was so overwhelmed when I started but so happy to get it DONE!

Before sorting/reorganizing

Another before pile

 Baby boy stuff to get through

I somehow didn't manage to get a photo of what it looked like when I was done with the cleanout/reorg before Dan put all of it back up in the attic, but I got a LOT done and have been feeling accomplished all evening.  I borderline over-did it on Saturday and thought for sure I'd put myself into labor, I felt terrible on Saturday night and was having pretty consistent (and painful!) contractions all night until around 3 this morning, but luckily they've subsided some.  I was able to get through and organize ALL of Lilly's stuff, and I pulled out all of the baby stuff we can use and found that we had a surprisingly decent amount of unisex clothing items that can be used for Baby Boy, so I have some laundry to do (I have gotten through 2 loads tonight of just general baby things like nursing covers, boppy and breast friend covers, car seat, swing covers, etc.).  All that's left is to go through the huge pile of boy stuff to see what we need to return/exchange and then start washing that in addition to the unisex stuff I found, and I need to run all of the baby feeding stuff through the dishwasher and get that all put away as well.  The hard part will be figuring out where to put everything when I'm done!

While I was doing all of that, Dan was working in the nursery.  He painted the whole thing by himself, was in and out of the attic taking things down and putting them back up for me, and he assembled the crib and the chair.  I will give you a sneak peak but won't give away too much until it's a little more "done."

I also managed to do all of our laundry from the week and made homemade tomato soup for tomorrow night's dinner.  To say I am exhausted is the understatement of the century, but I am really hoping this baby comes sooner than later so I was trying to get as much done as possible.  In hindsight, perhaps waiting until next weekend when we will have a ton of family in town for Lilly's 2nd birthday party to help would have been a better idea, but there will still be plenty to do I'm sure.  :-)

Playing with all of her jewelry while I was making soup.  Cheeeeeeeeeeese!
Hope your weekend was productive and fantastic as well!



  1. Poor Lilly. Don't feel too bad (like Dan said - accidents happen). I had a friend who fell down the stairs while holding her 6 month old and unknowingly toted the kid around for 3 days with a broken leg. The baby girl wasn't crawling yet and didn't act like she was in pain, so they had no clue her leg was broken.

    LOVE the stripes!! We are getting ready to paint FINALLY. :)

    1. I just hope she is better in time for her party! I was worrying over the weekend that we'd have to cancel or postpone it, but she seems to be doing a little better today than yesterday even so hopefully by Saturday she'll be good as new. I love the stripes too! Those were actually Dan's idea and I fought him on it, but this is probably the only ever battle that I'm glad he won, I think they look perfect!

  2. I can only imagine the guilt you felt but do not sweat it. Accidents DO happen. And it's only because you were playing with her and being a good mama.

    And I love the nursery progress you're making! We're still working on cleaning out our office before I buy the crib and stuff to turn it into a nursery. And since we're having another boy, I'm reusing everything and just doing some updates to D's room to make it more baseball themed and less baby. Not nearly as exciting. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. It finally hit me that I am 37 weeks this week and this baby could technically come at any time, so we needed to get our sh*t together in the worst way. We have been working our you know whats off but it has paid off! I was resistant to the stripes idea at first but I think it looks really good. I can't wait to see how it all comes together...I literally have just bought a bunch of random crap that I liked and am praying that it doesn't look horrible when it's all said and done. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, mama. I can only imagine how awful you must have felt. I remember the first time Mac got injured on my watch and I was fully convinced that I broke my child, he was ruined and it was all my fault. Mama guilt is fierce. I hope she's feeling even better today and back to normal in no time. Love the nursery sneak peek!

    1. Funny story, when I was in hysterics over this incident my Mom reminded me that when I was young (in kindergarten if I recall), my Dad taught me how to jump out of the swing, and I broke my left arm and then less than two weeks later was jumping on a trampoline (Can someone tell me what the hell I was doing jumping on a trampoline with a broken arm?! LOL!) and broke my left leg, so I was basically in a full-body cast on my left side. She said she was convinced that my ped was going to call DSS on her, but now it's funny. So I guess the moral of the story is accidents DO happen and hopefully we can eventually laugh about them! :-)


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