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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lilly Says

Lilly and I went out to dinner tonight with Bo, Meagan and Kinsley because Dan had another work dinner.  The invitation came at the perfect time and was certainly welcome because I had been trying to figure out what I was going to feed both of us for dinner.  Anyway, we went to eat Mexican, and since typically the food comes out approximately 30 seconds after it's ordered (and since Lilly loves chips and cheese dip), I didn't take my usual supply snacks and distractions.  Big mistake.  For some reason, it took an eternity for us to get our food (not really, but it seemed like it compared to usual), so Lilly was destroying playing with anything on the table she could get her hands on and I was busy trying to run interference.  At one point, she calmly picked up a napkin, unraveled it, said she needed to blow her nose, blew (out of her mouth, not her nose), then took the napkin away from her face and examined it and said, "Wow, look at that booger."  Firstly, there is no possible way there was a booger on it as she didn't even actually blow her nose.  Secondly, where does she even hear this stuff?!

Another thing she said tonight that was cute was happened when I let her down from the chair at the end of dinner.  She walked straight over to Kinsley and said, "Kinsley, hold your hand.  It's nice to meet you."  And she did a kind of shake.  I am not sure where she learned that but it was seriously the cutest.

Our day today started out on the rough side, so I was glad for a nice evening together.  Dan is typically in charge of dropping L off at school at 9:30am on Wednesdays, but he had an early meeting today so it was Mommy to the rescue.  For some reason, L has been waking up around 7:30 the past couple of mornings.  I realize that a lot of my Mom friends with early risers are going to hate me for saying this, but I am ready for that to stop.  I know, I am totally spoiled with an 8:30 (sometimes later if I'm lucky) wake-up time, but it's really much easier to get ready for work in the mornings if L is still asleep!  Anyway, so this morning when she started stirring at 7:30, she wasn't crying and she seemed content to lay there (it was almost like she was trying to fall back asleep - she was very still for long stretches and then would roll over and talk for a minute and then roll back over like she was trying to sleep again) so I just left her until I was done getting ready, which was around 8:15.  By the time we got her up, changed her diaper, etc. and got downstairs it was around 8:30, so she'd been awake-ish for almost an hour...and was being a serious terror.  NOTHING made her happy.  She asked for oatmeal, I made her oatmeal.  I gave her yogurt in the mean time but she was NOT HAPPY that the oatmeal had to cool off.  Everything I did caused a meltdown.  She was mad that she couldn't have the sun butter and jelly sandwich I was making for her lunch for breakfast (same goes for veggie puffs, applesauce and string cheese).  It was not pleasant for any party involved, and I think the Lord was probably tired of hearing my prayers for patience this morning.

TWO (adult) portions of oatmeal, one tube of yogurt and a bowl of blueberries later, she seemed to be in a much better frame of mind.  Lilly is not a morning person, and can sometimes be pretty cranky when she first wakes up, but I have never seen her act like she did this morning - it was very frustrating.  I have determined that she must have been starving, because I couldn't believe how much she ate!  By the time we changed her clothes and were in the car on the way to school, she was her normal happy, chattering self.

"Look Mommy, I put on my glasses too!"
Carney said she was in an awesome mood after school.  She took a great nap and was still in a great mood when I got home from work, thank the Lord.  We went to dinner, came home and played with her new chalkboard for a few minutes, had a tea party in the bath tub, watched a little Elmo and then went to bed - thankfully all without incident (Except for about 10 minutes after I put her down when I had to go back in when she was SCREAMING because she'd unbuttoned the top button of her pajamas.    And then again about 20 minutes later when she lured me back in by yelling that she had pooped...False.  This kid, I swear.).

So many expressions!!!

Favorite part of every day: 10 minutes of snuggles in bed while watching Elmo.
This kid is a ham, I tell you!  Tomorrow is a busy one, but we're one day closer to Friday and a hopefully productive weekend!


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