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Monday, January 20, 2014

Lilly Says

I know I say it every time I do a "Lilly says" post, but this kid keeps me on my toes, y'all.  Something that she's been saying consistently for the past week or so, every time we go in to get her up in the morning or from nap, is "Mommy, Lilly had a good sleep."  

This was especially hilarious yesterday when she said it to me that after playing for three hours instead of taking a nap.  And even MORE hilarious from approximately 1:00 am - 5:30 am this morning...NOT.  

L started around 1:00 am calling me.  "Mommy.  Mommy?  MOMMMYYYYY!"  This quite literally NEVER happens, so I went to check on her, thinking that maybe she had a super wet diaper or even a poop (this whole incident also just happened to occur on the first night in probably months that I was exhausted enough from the weekend's activities to actually sleep).  I walked into her room and this sweet little face popped up out of her crib and said, "Mommy, I had a great sleep!"  Ummmmmmm that is awesome L, now go get some more great sleep as it is the middle of the night, ma'am.  I picked her up out of her crib and sat down to rock her for a few minutes before putting her back to bed.  She nuzzled her sweet little head into my chest as I thought to myself, surely this is what Heaven must be like.  I sang a few songs and after every song that little head would pop up and she would start clapping and say, "YAY MOMMY!!!"  How could I possibly be annoyed when she is just so sweet?!  That sentiment only lasted for approximately 30 seconds after I left the room, though, because she was so wound up that she was NOT ready to go back to sleep.  She stayed in her crib playing, talking, singing, clapping, laughing and calling out for Mommy and Daddy (loudly) until almost 5:30 this morning before finally falling back to sleep.  Dan went in to check on her as well, around 4:30, and she was still very happy and not feeling much like sleep.  We could tell she was exhausted but she just couldn't seem to wind down.

Surprisingly, the lack of sleep did not affect her mood as much as I thought it would today (unlike Daddy, who slept until almost 10:30 am on his day off - Mommy was up at 8 to work!).  She was, of course, crankier than she normally is but it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, and she went down for nap really easily.  Let's hope this is not a new trend (and also that it's not the Lord trying to prepare me for a baby that doesn't sleep...) and that tonight will be much more restful for all of us.

Happy Monday!


1 comment:

  1. When did I sleep until 10:30a?!?! I must have missed that!


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