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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Someone's gonna be SO excited when she wakes up...

For the record, I sent Dan to the store for wrapping paper and balloons and he came back with the lovely wall decor.  What happened to, "We do not need to encourage her to love Hello Kitty so we don't have to buy a bunch of Hello Kitty crap"?!  He was all, "But it's her birthday!"  Sucker.  She'll love it, I'm sure of it.  I can't believe our baby will be 2 tomorrow. 


  1. Oh Dan is going to be in trouble with that thinking… she will just have to bat her eyelashes and he'll cave. Boys - they're so easy to fool. :-) Lilly is going to love her surprise!

    1. PLEASE, she didn't even ask for Hello Kitty, he did that all on his own! He is such a sucker. :-)


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