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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Per the usual, it was a busy weekend for the Baums.  We had a house full of people all weekend (Uncle Frankie and Courtney came for a visit and also Aunt KK, Uncle Joshy and Mason) and lots of activities as well.  I'm beat (also per the usual) so I'll let the photos do (most of) the talking.

Friday was pretty low-key.  L was in a goofy mood when I picked her up from school:

She came home and took a nap while I finished up the work day, and then we played dress-up until Daddy got home to take over so I could start on dinner:

I think she is the spitting image of my Mom in these photos!
L got a bath and we put her to bed, and our guests started arriving around 8:30.  We ate dinner and played Cards Against Humanity for hours.  If you haven't played it before, do yourself a favor and go get it right this second.  SO inappropriate...and hilarious.  Don't play it with your parents, ha!

On Saturday, the weather was seriously terrible.  It was warm (70 degrees!) but there were torrential downpours on and off all day which ruined our plans of heading to the park.  We took the opportunity to try out one of L's Christmas presents instead - the easel!

She had a blast...can't wait to incorporate her "art wall" into the playroom (which is on the agenda along with approximately one million other things!).  

We ate some lunch and then Katy, Josh Dan and I used Lilly's afternoon nap time (which she never actually took but she had about a 3-hour "quiet time" which she used to do ballet and gymnastics in her crib) to get in a grueling game of Canasta (the Baums won, wahoo!).

On Saturday night, some of my family and wonderful girlfriends threw me and baby boy a sprinkle.  The sprinkle was originally scheduled for last weekend, but we rescheduled due to the impromptu trip to New York.  The shindig was at Sitti, which is one of my favorite restaurants, and I had a blast.  Steph was our official photographer, but below are a few iPhone photos I managed to snag.

The aunts, me & baby boy and Katy!

One of my lovely hostesses, Meagan

Katy is a fool!

Just a few of the beautiful and generous gifts I was given.  Can't believe he'll be here in a month or less!!!
I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, and I am once again overwhelmed at how much this baby is SO loved already, just like his big sister.  Thank you to all of my family and friends for a wonderful evening!

This morning, Meagan brought Kinsley over to meet Mase.

So cute!
The Kellers were up and out pretty early because they wanted to get home in time for the Panthers game, and the sun was out today so Dan and I decided to take Lilly to the park for a bit to burn some energy since we were all cooped up yesterday.

We came home and had some lunch while watching the Panthers game before nap.

Lilly was devastated by the loss, as were Mommy and especially Daddy.

In reality she was devastated that I wouldn't give her a third helping of goldfish because I didn't want to ruin her dinner...details, details.  

Dan had a board meeting tonight, so L and I painted our nails and played until it was time for dinner, bath and bed.

It was a great weekend, but I do not have one ounce of energy left and in fact have been in bed since Lilly went down at 8:30.  So lame.  We also didn't really get anything baby- or cleanout/organization-related done this weekend, but I'm ok with it.  I'll just keep procrastinating.

Hope your weekend was fabulous as well!  I'm excited to see Baby Boy tomorrow at our ultrasound.  I'll report back!  Prayers for a baby that dos not weigh 25 lbs would be appreciated.  :-)



  1. Lilly has got to be the cutest little Panthers fan around! We gave up on the game half way through and went to the playground :-/

    Hope you catch up on that sleep and get a chance to organize (it was my favorite thing to do when I was preggers).

    1. I think we were separated at birth, I love to organize as well! I think I can't seem to get on the ball with this though because I need somewhere to put all of the crap I go through. I still haven't found a dresser and it is stressing me! I am not opposed to getting one on Craigslist and re-doing it myself, but I can't even find anything on there that I love. Ugh, pray for my sanity, ha!


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