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Monday, September 5, 2011

17 Week Update

The time has officially come - the long weekend is over.  Sad face!  I just arrived in Charlotte for my last week here for work, and while I'm happy I've gotten to spend so much time with my family over the past month, I am ready to be at home!  We got a LOT accomplished on this rainy day, which is why I'm so late getting to my parents' house - more to come in another post.  For now, mainly because I'm exhausted and plan on going to bed ASAP, the 17 week update (although be warned that there's not too much to report this week):

Size of Geronimo: An onion!  Baby Geronimo's skeleton is hardening to bone (prior to now it was just like rubbery cartilage), and fat is accumulating around it (note to self: lay off the oreos!).  Also, his/her fingers and toes now each have thumbprints!

Weight Gain So Far: This is a tricky one.  I got on the scale while I was still at home this morning, and according to my home scale I am down 2 pounds.  I feel like that can't possibly be true, so I'm sticking with 1 pound gained and will give an official update after the doctor next week.

Cravings: Really nothing.  It is so strange that for the longest time I had quite a few and now there's nothing I'm really craving.  At this point, I feel like I'm just eating anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Aversions: Nada here, either.  Unless "anything other than sleeping" counts.  :-)

Symptoms: The usual.  Exhaustion, high school style acne, mood swings.  Mood swings isn't really a new one, actually, but today's really the first time I've thought to report it since I had what I consider to be my first meltdown today (Dan may disagree that it's the first, but as he isn't the writer of this blog, his opinion doesn't count, ha!). 

Movement:  Still about the same amount as last week.  Since I keep getting the same feeling, I've convinced myself that it is indeed Baby B swimming around in there.

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night uninterrupted.  I swear I am already up 3 times each night, so I am dreading the point when the baby's big enough for me to feel him/her sitting on my bladder.

Things I am Thankful For: An understanding husband who loves me in spite of my mood swings!

Signs of a Bump: Yup.  It has made quite the appearance in the past week-ish.  We saw several sets of friends whom we haven't seen in a while at the game over the weekend, and the first words out of everyone's mouth were, "WOAH where did that come from?!" 
I am also not really sure why it looks like I have back fat here.  I am actually wearing my first pair of maternity pants and they're too big.  Guess I'm curvier than I thought!

Next Doctor Appointment: Exactly one week and two days from today.  I can't  WAIT! 
Because blogs are not nearly as fun without pictures, I will leave you with a few of my cousin's daughter Layla from when she came over to play on Friday.  She is almost one year old and oh so cute!  See for yourselves:

She LOVED the water and had an absolute blast - and so did we!

That's all for tonight, folks - Mama's worn slap out.  Up this week: shopping for maternity clothes and housework from the weekend (hint: think gallery wall and closet clean out).  Stay tuned!


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