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Monday, September 26, 2011

Whoooahhh, We're Halfway There...!!! 20 Week Update

It's true, you read it correctly.  I can hardly believe it myself: 20 weeks = halfway there!  I am partially excited to be reaching this milestone, and have partially started freaking out because we have so much to do.  Some of you may have read yesterday's post about the stroller debate.  In addition to that, we've started thinking about some nursery ideas, and my wonderful husband called our top four daycares today to set up appointments for tours (I'll report back on those as we have them).  So we've at least gotten started at this point, but I am impatient and like for everything to be done (PS - babies are expensive.  Who knew?).  The one area we still haven't broached is the name game.  I know, those of you who know me have hit the floor with shock, but we honestly haven't discussed it.  I should go ahead and warn you all that when we do agree on a name, we've decided not to share it until Baby Geronimina is born - y'all KNOW that will be hard for me considering my love of monograms - but a deal is a deal!  Anyway, let's get down to the business of the 20 week stats!

Size of Geronimina: A cantaloupe!  I can hardly believe it.  She's getting so big already (sniffle, sniffle)!  Her taste buds have actually started to work this week, and she's started gulping down amniotic fluid - both for nutrition and to practice swallowing/digesting.  Nifty.

Weight Gain So Far: I weighed in yesterday morning and I am somewhere in the +4/+5 lbs range according to my home scale.  I have been sick for several days now and have noticed a decreased appetite, so that could be part of it.  It's pretty typical to gain about 0.5 lbs/week, or so they say, so as long as I haven't gained more than 10-11 total when I go back to the doctor I'll be happy.  I have to admit that so far I've fared much better than I anticipated, so I'm not complaining.

Cravings: I still don't really have anything consistent.  I want ice cream more than usual, but it's not a daily occurrence.  In the past week, all I've been able to think about is chicken chili, but I'm not sure if that's a craving or if it's just because I'm ready for fall.  Also, today I've really been wanting kale chips.

Aversions: Nada, woohoo!

Symptoms: Still fatigue, some headaches (which may be attributed to the cold I've been fighting off), and a little dizziness.  I have to admit that I've been very lucky!  No swelling or stretch marks to speak of (yet). 

Movement:  LOADS.  They were not kidding when they told us that our little girl is a wiggle worm.  She either loves or hates the following (based on heavy movement around that particular time period): the pants I wore today, Mexican food, church, and bed time. Today she did not sit still all day - it's such a wonderful and indescribable feeling (Did that make anyone else sing the Alladin song in their head?).  Also, she is real stubborn (wonder who she gets that from?).  Every time she's moving a lot, and I try to get Dan to feel, it's like she can sense that she's being watched and she always stops.  He has gotten to feel her kicking me a few times, though, and he loves it.

What I Miss: Nothing this week, just happy for our healthy baby girl!

Things I am Thankful For: Buy Buy Baby and their amazing coupons.  Fall TV shows - particularly Modern Family and The Singoff.  Afrin nasal spray (gross, I know).  Chick Fil A chicken minis.  A wonderful husband who calls daycares without being nagged for the 283944238th time asked.  

What I'm looking forward to:  New category this week!  Our upcoming vacay to Cali and Bryan & Andrea's wedding this weekend.  Registering and getting started on the nursery.  The start of my new role at work.

Signs of a Bump: There is no hiding it now, for sure - I am struggling to find things that fit me.  Today, I went to get a dress taken in (I know that sounds weird, shouldn't I be getting it let out?).  Anyway I bought it for a wedding this weekend and went to get it altered today, and my wonderful tailor said, "Now we want you to look pregnant, not fat."  Um yes ma'am, that is the plan.  Should I be offended?  Evidence:
Sorry that my boobs look OOC (out of control) in that pic, I always have trouble finding an angle that won't show my arm fat I like.

Next Doctor Appointment: Next Friday, October 7.  We don't get any more ultrasounds that I'm aware of, which I'm bummed about (currently trying to talk Dan into the fact that we need a 3D/4D one and that although we have to pay for it, it's totally worth it), but at least we'll get to hear her heartbeat.  This one shouldn't be anything too crazy, just a weigh in and pee in a cup and talking to the doctor.  Oh, and a flu shot.  I called today to tell them I want to get one while I'm there in hopes that since they know I want one they'll make sure to hold one for me in the case of running out, but I didn't get very lucky - they basically were like, sure you can have one as long as we haven't run out.  Thanks a lot.
On this week's to-do list? Visit 2 of our 4 daycares, register at the hospital, sign up for some classes at the hospital.  Oh, and order some pictures for the gallery wall (it's true, I still haven't done that, oy).  Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it! 
Stay tuned, more gifts on the blog at some point, and if you're lucky...the diaper debate.
Peace out!

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  1. Your bump is so adorable! I'm really enjoying reading along with your pregnancy! Miss you


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