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Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh, the cuteness!

Tonight's will be a quicker post than usual, because I'm feeling under the weather today.  Sadly, I think I am getting that nasty cold that everyone I know seems to have had recently.

For those of you who have been following her blog, this is going to be somewhat of a repeat of what my bestie posted about yesterday.  Hadley gave Baby Geronimina her first bff gift!  Drool over the cuteness:

PLEASE look at how sweet they are!  I was absolutely thrilled when Steph gave them to me, and we have been drooling over them ever since.  Even Dan, who could normally care less about shoes, talked about how cute they were when he saw them.  Additionally, the sizes are 0-8 months, so Baby B will get a lot of wear out of these guys.  Can't wait to find some cute outfits to match!

Not much on the agenda this weekend...tonight I'm trying to rest and relax so I'll feel better while Dan is at a concert with some friends.  Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting some besties from college for breakfast.  Not sure about our plans during the day - we've talked about either going to the baby store to look around (not register yet, just look at a few things and get our bearings) or maybe test drive some Mommy-mobiles - and then tomorrow night we have a dinner party.  Sunday, it's business as usual: no plans allowed to be made outside of church because there is football to be watched.  Although, we might try out a new place for brunch, yum.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!  I can't WAIT to see closeups of Baby Hadley from her photo shoot tomorrow in Concord.  :-)



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  1. OMG! The cutest shoes ever. You must get a matching pair if you don't already have some;) I went to Pottery Barn Kids tonight and there is just way too much cute stuff in there!!


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