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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink or Blue? Take your pick!

So sorry about the lack of posting, we have been busy!  Last night I had a recruiting event in Chapel Hill for work and did not get home until 9:00 p.m....I was exhausted and my feet and back were KILLING me from standing for so long.  I came home, went straight upstairs to put on my PJs, came back downstairs to spend a few minutes with Dan before bed and lasted approximately 5 minutes before passing out.  Needless to say, no blog.

Tonight's post will be short and sweet...I have to go finish UNPACKING from my month-long out of town (for work) stint so that I can re-pack tomorrow night for Chicago, YEAH!  So excited about the trip, but there is nothing I hate more than unpacking (or repacking, really).  Plus, for this trip, the weather is going to be colder and I have not yet had to invest in maternity clothes for cold weather, so I'm not quite sure what I'll be wearing.  Guess we'll find out with the picture posts next week!

Anyway, TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!  I am so excited I can't stand it, and I know I won't sleep a wink tonight from being so wound up about it.  I have been trying to think of a creative way to announce the news, but I haven't come up with anything yet so it will probably just be a boring old "it's a girl/boy" post.  Speaking of, today Dan's Mom sent out a really cute e-mail to our immediate families (niece and nephew included) so that they could vote on what they think Baby Geronimo is.  Here are the results (relationships listed are the relationship to the baby, not us - just for clarification purposes):

  • Uncle Mikey
  • Cousin Ryan
  • Uncle Chris
  • Dan (of course)
  • Aunt Andrea
  • Aunt Sydney
  • Grandma Susie
  • Cousin Erica
  • Aunt Katy
  • Aunt Mere
  • Grandma Jeanne (she is undecided on what she wants her name to be as of yet)
  • Papa Bill

I need to point out for completion purposes that I did not vote because I have no idea, and "Paw Paw" (my Dad) said he thought we would have a Boy AND a Girl.  Thanks a lot, Dad.  Looks like the winner of the guessing game from a family standpoint is boy, but our friends have been 50/50...which leads me to my first ever poll!!  It is at the top of the blog to the right, above the "about me" section.  You have until tomorrow at lunch time to vote, so I can see what you all think (please don't choose both, Lord help us all)!  And we'll see how you compare to the real deal. 

That's all for tonight...most exciting day ever tomorrow, have to try to get some sleep (yeah, right).  EEK!


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