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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy Weekend

I honestly do not know where the time is going.  This past weekend was a 3-day weekend for me - my office was closed on Friday because we were in the middle of moving.  Score!  So I was thinking that the weekend would feel longer and I'd get so much done...and now here it is Sunday night and I can't believe tomorrow starts another week - and a busy one at that!

I had every intention of doing some cleaning on Friday - my parents are coming into town on Thursday to help me get ready for Steph's shower, and I know they don't care but I like for it to be nice and clean.  All of that went out the window, though, because it turned out to be a busy day!  I had a Dr. appointment in the morning (more on that in tomorrow's update post), and then decided to meet Lindsey at the Junior League Spree.  I have been hearing about this for years but have never made it before.  Trust that I will not make that  mistake again.  For any of you who have ever been to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte or the Southern Women's Show, it reminds me a lot of those but on a smaller scale (and the proceeds to go JL Raleigh and their programs).  I actually was only there for about an hour and a half on Friday because Lindsey couldn't stay too long, so I didn't even get to see half of the booths but that was probably a good thing because I could have dropped some serious cash.  There were tons of cute Christmas and kids booths - I couldn't get enough!  I contemplated going back another day but ran out of time.  Here's my haul from Friday:
My terrible photo skills do not do this stuff justice, the cuteness factor is seriously indescribable: a cupcake bib (that is reversible - the other side is made out of soft fuzzy white material), some burp cloths, and two bows.  I was actually very proud of myself for showing the restraint that I did, because trust me it had the potential to be a LOT worse.  Let's just say, thank the Lord we don't have a name for this child yet, because there was a lot of on-site monogramming.  After I was finished inflicting monetary damage at the Spree, I grabbed a quick lunch and then picked Dan up for another daycare visit (more to come on that in another post).  Side note: for those of you who have been reading along, we came in second in the chili cookoff.  Dan insists that it was rigged, because quite a few people told him they voted for ours.  Oh well, maybe next year!  Friday night was low key - quick dinner and a movie (The Ides of March, and I would highly recommend it - we both thoroughly enjoyed it).

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at our normal haunt, Big Ed's, which as usual did not disappoint.  We took Layla with us so that we could walk around downtown afterwards and check out the Celebrate NC History Festival which was put on by the NC Museum of History to celebrate the opening of the exhibit The Story of North Carolina.  There was tons of cool stuff, but we were there at the very beginning when things were just getting started, and it was colder than I'd anticipated so we didn't stay long.  We did snap one photo for Dad with an old school John Deere tractor:
I wish we'd hung around longer, but in addition to the cold there was some football game on at approximately 12:30 yesterday that my husband needed to be home for (and yes he was happy with the outcome).  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching football, and Layla was worn slap out from all of the excitement.

Today, we had a birthday party to attend, so we got up extra early to get ready to go to the 9:00 service at church and then head to the party after.  I don't know why, but at some point on the way to church it dawned on me that the church we've been attending may not have a 9:00 a.m. service on Sundays...and I was right.  It's true, we are the fools that showed up to a nonexistent church service.  We ended up going to a different church for service just for today, but we won't make that mistake again!  Emma's first birthday party was a blast, but I was worn out, so we came home and napped and watched football.  Katy is here for the night because she has an interview tomorrow, so we had a nice dinner and now this exhausted mama is about to go to bed!

Hope you all had equally fabulous weekends!  Can't believe we are already into November and only 3 weeks from Thanksgiving...oy, where is the time going?



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  1. I heart the Christmas show in Charlotte. Did you ever buy Murt's Cheddar Cheese spread? It was this huge overweight guy that has a mustache that curled lol. Michaila and I loved Murt's cheese. He use to say come get your Yum Yum for you Tum Tum hahahahaha! I love you Sarah hope your hanging in there! Xooxoxos


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