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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Surprise Presents!

Tonight's blog is gonna be a short one...mama's exhausted, ladies (and gents?).  My parents are coming into town for the weekend to help me get ready for Steph's shower, and since they're arriving tomorrow I was a cleaning machine tonight.  Dan has spoiled me so much since I've been pregnant (he's the best!) that I cannot remember the last time I had to thoroughly clean, so to say that I am bone tired is an understatement.  At least the house is sparkly and smells nice!  Well, the downstairs anyway.  I didn't make it upstairs because my "10 minute" rest turned into a "remainder of the night" rest...whoops.  Let's hope Mom doesn't go into my bathroom or she'll be appalled.  :-)

Grant and Emily dropped by tonight to give Baby Geronimina a gift, and we are so excited about it! 
I tried to get creative with the photography, so that's why the picture sucks, but I am so excited about this!  It is a REALLY cute bib (aren't the giraffes sweet?!) and the sleep sheep.  Funny enough, she bought this before she realized I'd registered for it - she said she gave me things that Olivia is obsessed with.  The sleep sheep is this cute little sheep:

It attaches to a crib, car seat, etc. via velcro, so it's portable.  Inside of said adorable sheep lies a removable sound box that plays four different sounds.  It also automatically shuts off in 23 or 45 minutes - whichever you choose.  I am so excited about both of these items and I know Baby B will love them both - thanks Grant, Emily and Olivia!

In other news, have you heard about One Kings Lane?  My sister-in-law, Mere, turned me onto it a while back and I've become obsessed.  I've bought quite a few things from there.  Occaisionally, like today, they will have a baby sale.  I ended up (with the money nazi's Dan's approval of course!) with the following:

The cute factor on these is seriously unfair.  The above blanket and hooded towel are made by Tourance and normally sell for $52 and $50, respectively.  I snagged them for $25 each.  I think that is still pretty expensive for a towel and blanket, in addition to the fact that I'm pretty sure the owl blanket is for boys as it was in the boys section, but I couldn't resist.  Can't wait for them to get here!  If you've never checked out OKL before, do yourself a serious favor and create an account - you can thank me later.  And while you're at it, buy me some of the pillows that were on there today.  I die!

Ok folks, it's off to bed for me, after I take the sleep sheep off of the registry...back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!  Well maybe.  I have a work dinner and I might be too tired, so we'll play it by ear.  :-)



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