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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Billy Goat or Baby Girl? You decide.

So, my child does this hilarious thing when she's going to the bathroom.  Gross?  Maybe.  Cute?  Definitely.  See for yourself:

She makes a mixture of grunts and billy goat noises, and it makes me laugh every single time.  She did this for about 45 minutes today and I laughed SO HARD the whole time I almost cried. 

My sister-in-law e-mailed me that it was funny how Lilly put her fingers in a little pyramid like it was a little evil poop.  I told her that at the time I hadn't checked yet because she wasn't finished, but I could assure her it would indeed be evil as we'd been through 3 outfit changes already before lunch time.  We have the worst time with diapers - pampers swaddlers fit her the best, but she has a big belly (fatty!) and these little chicken legs and no butt, so it always comes out the side of the diaper and gets everywhere.  It makes for a lot of daytime baths.  Gross.  This is also what is prohibiting us from moving up to a size one from newborns - we'd have to change outfits every time she poops, which is about 2897239847234 10 times per day, literally.  Anyone else have this problem?

Hope this made you laugh as much as it did me!


1 comment:

  1. Yea, we found that the pamper swaddlers fit Corbin the best. He had no butt and chicken legs too! He was a tiny baby, so he didnt have a belly. I dont know..Cobin was in NB diapers til he was 4, almost 5 months old! He just moved up to a size 3 diaper. He's so tiny! :) Good luck.


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