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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

Happy Saturday, Friends! 

Not sure if you can tell, but I've been trying to do some blog updating this week.  So far, the biggest accomplishment has been changing the header picture and then getting it to the right size.  If you even knew how much time and effort that took, you'd either shake your head and roll your eyes or be really impressed (if you know how technologically challenged I am, it would definitely be the latter).  On to the next task, creating pages!!!  If anyone is a blogger genius and can help me, I will pay you in sunshine and hugs.

This morning, our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt.  We have lots of events like this throughout the year for adults and kids, and we love it.  Obviously, Lilly is too young to hunt eggs but I heard the Easter bunny himself was going to make an appearance, so we decided to stop in and see if Lilly would cooperate for pictures.  We also invited her bestie, Hadley for the occasion.  It has rained all morning, but luckily for us the show went on inside the clubhouse.  My only complaint is that we realized we forgot Lilly's Easter basket, but really it's not like anything would have been in it anyway.  Plus, honestly the Easter bunny did not look super comfortable holding babies so the basket + baby may have put him over the edge.

I was slightly worried that Lilly wouldn't cooperate, that she would be fussy or something.  She for sure was not fussy, but she was very sleepy - we could not get her to wake up to save our lives!

 We changed her position in hopes that it would help wake her up, and it did...
 ...for approximately 5 seconds until she closed her eyes again.
I took quite a few pictures of Hadley, who was awake but didn't want to look at the camera because she was busy checking out the Easter bunny.  Not sure I blame her.  I'm sure she was thinking, "What IS this weird thing?!"  Anyway, I was only able to get one of her (kind of) looking at the camera.
How cute is Hadley's outfit?!

Of course after the Easter bunny left, both girls were wide awake, so we took the opportunity to grab some bestie photos (insert a collective "awwwwwwww" from all of the Moms who were still there and watching us).

Lilly hasn't quite gotten the hang of sitting straight up, she sort of looks like a sloth in these pictures, ha!

Overall, I'd say no meltdowns plus cute bestie photos made Operation Easter Bunny Photos a success!

The rest of our weekend should be pretty low-key.  We have plans to meet some of Dan's family for dinner this evening, and tomorrow we will probably try to go to church.  It will be the first time Lilly has been to our church, so fingers crossed that she cooperates!


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