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Monday, March 12, 2012

Over the river and through the woods... grandmommy's house we go!  So sorry I have been MIA for a few days.  For some reason, I haven't been able to get blogger to load on my computer all weekend.  I finally figured out today that I have been using the old interface, somehow clicked "try the updated Blogger interface" and then my POS computer wouldn't support it.  Just had to log on from another computer and change it back...piece of cake!

So, yesterday was Lilly's first road trip!  I am matron of honor in my cousin, Christie's, upcoming May wedding and she had her first bridal shower yesterday here in Charlotte.  Additionally, Dan is participating in our future brother-in-law's bachelor party this weekend - they are leaving from Charlotte on Tuesday night to head to Florida and catch the Braves spring training.  As a result, Lilly and I decided to come to Charlotte yesterday in time for the shower and stay for the week.  To say Grandmommy and Pawpaw (and Auntie Katy and Syd, too) are in heaven would be an understatement!

As you may or may not know, we have not yet graduated to the small SUV we keep talking about.  We think we've narrowed down what we want, but we're trying to wait until closer to the end of the year when the dealerships start having sales (we couldn't get it together to agree on anything at the end of this past year before the baby was born) before purchasing.  Due to my historical tendency to over-pack as well as the fact that babies require you to carry around a lot of extra crap, I had been worrying for three days about how to fit everything we needed for a whole week in the car.  I shouldn't have worried, because Dan is a master packer:
If you could only see how much stuff there is in that trunk, you would really appreciate Dan's talent for packing the car.  Next time there hopefully won't be quite as much - I spent a lot of the day on Saturday at BuyBuy Baby gathering things that we could just leave at my parents' house for future visits so as not to have to tote it back and forth every time (bath tub and bath supplies, changing pad, laundry supplies, and bottle washing supplies among other things).  Bad news for my parents: babies have a LOT of stuff, and their house now looks like ours does most of the time - like a bomb exploded baby stuff onto every possible surface!  They may be happy for us to leave so they can have their house back.  ;-)

Lilly did GREAT on her first road trip.  It normally takes about 3 hours - yesterday it took about three and a half, because Dan drove us to Asheboro where we met my Dad and he rode with us the rest of the way.  I wasn't quite ready to do a three-hour trip by myself, because I knew that Lilly would probably need to eat and I would probably need to pump, and I thought it would go a lot quicker and smoother if I had another set of hands. I'm not sure why I worried at all.  Other than her sleeping later than normal and us getting a later start than planned (no complaints there), there were no hiccups and the trip was fantastic.  She was a total angel - she played for a little while in the beginning and then slept for the duration of the trip: 

She started to wake up when we were about 10 minutes from my parents' house, but I was able to hold her off with her paci until we got here and she could eat.  Layla was not quite as amused - she's not used to not having the run of the car/my lap - but she did great, too. 

Lilly bean got to spend all day yesterday with both sets of grandparents, and she was happy as a lark.  Grandma Susie got to participate in bath time, which was very exciting for all involved - Lilly LOVES her bath:
Between Christie's May wedding and Katy's June wedding and all of their showers, etc., we will be spending a lot of time in Charlotte over the next few months.  Here's to hoping Lilly is as easy on every trip as she was on this one!

I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about this week, as well as lots of pictures - Lilly is very excited to meet a lot of new friends and spend the week with her grandparents.  We're lucky that Dan's parents live in Charlotte during the week and are less than 5 minutes away from mine, so she gets to see all of them at once!  I also need to post at some point about all of the pumping tips I've gotten, both from all of you and mine and Lilly's doctors.  Thanks to them, I am currently 7 bottles ahead of her! 

If she wasn't such a little piggy I would start freezing and stockpiling again, but I feel like every time I try it she goes on a growth spurt and I have to take it right back out of the freezer.

Happy Monday!


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