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Friday, March 16, 2012

A House Divided...kind of.

Today was a big day for the Baums in the basketball world: some great NCAA tournament games!  I am not really a die-hard fan for any team, but love to watch ACC basketball.  Dan LOVES NCSU - his Mom worked for the football program for a while when he was in high school.  My whole family went to WFU, so I grew up cheering for the Deamon Deacons.  I got my master's degree at UNC, and I also don't really have anything against Duke.  So, I guess you could say I just cheer for everyone!  Lilly doesn't discriminate, either (except when it's football season, in which case she will ONLY be wearing her ASU cheerleading uniform that PawPaw bought her when we found out she was a girl).  She started the day out in this outfit:

We like to think she aided the Wolfpack in their win, and Daddy was super happy with both the outfit and the outcome of the game!  This afternoon, she wore this:

Uncle Josh, Uncle Tracy, and Aunt Niecey loved it.  The outcome of the UNC game is TBD, but either way she's cheering them on looking cute as ever!  Her Daddy told me that he thinks she looks much happier in her NCSU outfit.  I showed him this picture...

...and he told me he knows that hear heart is with NCSU.  ;-)

Happy Weekend!


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