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Thursday, March 15, 2012

More adventures at Grandmommy's...

Poor, neglected blog.  We have been so busy this week - doing what, I'm not sure, other than meeting lots of new friends!  As a result, I have been slack on the blog.  Lilly is doing wonderfully on our first trip away from home.  We're both missing Daddy, but other than that she's great!  She's eating and sleeping wonderfully and really is just a joy to be around.  It's nice to have other people around all day long to change all of the poopy diapers see all of the cute things she does.  :-)  So far, the only problem we're having is that she hasn't been put down all week.  Unfortunately for me, that means she's figured out that any time she makes the slightest noise, she will be picked up and cuddled.  I had a conversation with Mom about this very problem today, and it went as follows:

Sarah: Mom, we're going to have to work on not holding Lilly all day every day for the next few days; otherwise, next week may be hard.  I have made a conscious effort not to hold her all day every day when we're at home - only when feeding her or when she's extra fussy, but I think she's gotten spoiled this week.  I think as long as we ease her out of it, it will be fine.
Mom: Well you can ease her out of it next week.  When she's at my house I will not let her cry.
Sarah: Great, so I can ease her out of it next week when I'm by myself and it will be a nightmare.
Mom:  Well, honey, that's just part of being a mother.

Thanks a lot, Mom.  Although I will say that I can't blame her, as it's borderline impossible to resist this sweet face:

I also guess there are worse problems we could be having!

In other news, we tested out the baby k'tan for the first time this week and Lilly LOVED it:

I realize that she doesn't look amused in the above photo, but she was really SO happy.  A friend of ours, Emily, suggested that we register for both the baby k'tan and the baby bjorn.  She said that her husband liked the bjorn better but that the k'tan was better for her, and that way they didn't have to do all kinds of adjusting to the bjorn every time either one of them wanted to carry their daughter.  This turned out to be an excellent suggestion.  The k'tan was very easy for me to maneuver by myself, which is a huge plus.  It's also a nice option to have when it doesn't make sense to deal with the stroller.  Lilly was a little fussy when I was assembling everything, but once she was in, she was happy as a lark.  We stayed that way for about an hour until she fell asleep and I took her out and put her down for a nap.  We had so much fun!

Side note which is unrelated to Lilly, but I have to share.  Remember in my last post when I mentioned that the bachelors for this season's Bachelorette are staying in a house which is practically in my parents' back yard?  Well, my sisters and I and our friend, Heather decided to go on a stalking mission the other night:

Long story short: we didn't see anything because we had to abort the mission due to getting caught by security.  I am 99% sure, though, that last night was the night where Emily met the bachelors, because we saw them being brought in on a tour bus and then two limos were parked outside of the gate all night.  Helicopters have been hovering for days, I guess trying to get photos, and it's slightly annoying.  We WILL get closer next time, don't you worry, and I promise to report back.  In the meantime, Heather found some info on the house which is pretty nifty:

Hope everyone's having a great week!


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