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Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Week Update

Oh Lordy, do y'all know what I just thought about?  30 weeks out of 40 means I'm 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy.  How did that happen?!  Don't even get me started on how we're already into December.  Dear Dan and Sarah, please get a move-on so this child has somewhere to sleep when she comes out! 

A quick update on yesterday's post: thanks to all of you for checking in on Dan and I today - we both still feel pretty horrible.  He seems to somehow be getting better a little more quickly than I am - maybe because he's been taking medicine and all I can take is Sudafed?  Who knows.  I still cannot breathe through my nose, which makes it hard to do anything - especially sleep (even sitting up!).  I've developed a cough on top of it, and some pretty terrible headaches.  Poor Dan, I know I have been extra whiney.  Hopefully we are on the mend, though! 

Without further ado, this week's stats:

Size of Geronimina: A cabbage, and also a butternut squash.  Doesn't it seem like I have already used both of those?  But they were the only two I could find in any of my update e-mails.  Here's a picture of that compared to a quarter - which I have not been doing, but I found the photo in a google search and thought it looked cool for a size comparson:
She's getting bigger - and stronger - by the day!  She weighs a little over 2.5 pounds and is slightly longer than 15 inches.  Her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain (please not too big, dear child, for the sake of my lady parts).  Her muscles and lungs are also continuing to mature - around 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into her hardening skeleton daily in this trimester.  Guess I need to re-vamp the milk intake.  Hope she realizes the sacrifices I'm making for her, because I hate milk.  Unless it's chocolate.  Does that count?  :-)  Her grip is strong enough this week to grasp a finger.  Can't wait for that!
Weight Gain So Far: This one's tricky.  At my last doctor's visit, the scale said +19 lbs (I don't want to talk about it).  When I weighed this morning, I was back down to +16 (Probably I shouldn't be excited about a potential 3 lb loss, but I'm vain).  That's probably partially because I haven't had much of an appetite since I've been sick, and probably partially because I weighed before eating.  What?  Don't act like pre-eating isn't your favorite time to weigh, too.  We'll get an official pound count again at the doctor on's to hoping it's not more than 20 or I might just pass out on the spot.

Cravings: Still sweets.  The other day Dan went to the store and asked if I needed anything, and I requested a treat because I'd finished off the Oreos the night before (I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no, that could not possibly be the cause of my weight gain...or could it?).  What did the man do?  Came home with my holiday fave, candy cane kisses, bless him.  If you haven't tried these, do yourself a favor and try them as soon as you can.  I have been trying to avoid buying them for fear that I would eat the entire bag in one sitting, but so far so good.

Aversions: Still nothing comes to mind - I seem to be eating everything in sight!

Symptoms: Same old: frequent urination, exhaustion, achy back, some swelling, and the nose bleeds are back with a vengeance (ew).  One new one that I have been having but keep forgetting to mention is joint pain, particularly in my hips.  If I have been sitting down or laying down for any period of time, getting up and walking is painful.  It almost feels like my hip needs to pop but is stuck and can't do so - but with a little more pain.  Make sense?  Anyway normally the more I walk the more it goes away.  Allegedly this is my hips beginning to widen and prepare for birth.  I'm not ready yet!!!  I have also been really crampy these past few days, which is due to my uterus (and baby) growing.

Movement:  Lordy, this child.  If she is not a dancer, I will be shocked.  Have I already said that I hope she dances more like Dan than me?  Because I surely cannot dance.  Anyway, she still moves all the time.  Dan loves to watch it and to feel her moving as well.

What I Miss: Sleeping!  This week this is not solely due to my small bladder, it is also partially due to being sick.  I know it will never be the same again, but I was quite the sleeper pre-baby so I know I will miss good, uninterrupted sleep (I know it is worth it though!). 

Things I am Thankful For: My husband for taking care of both of us while we're sick.  Layla for lots of extra cuddles.  ABC Family for it's Harry Potter marathon all weekend.  The homemade chicken noodle soup I made last month and thought to freeze. 

What I’m looking Forward To:  Christmas!  We are almost fully decorated, and I'm done with almost all of my shopping, now just need to get to wrapping.  Also visits from family over the next few weeks.  Decorating the nursery...hopefully starting that project soon!

Signs of a Bump: Always:
Every week I think to myself, how much bigger can I possibly get?!  The bump seems to grow by the day.  How do you like that super hot outfit I'm wearing in the above picture?  That's what I like to call my "I haven't moved off of the couch for 2 days except to blow my nose, go to the bathroom and go to bed" look.

Next Doctor Appointment: Wednesday!  I'm going every two weeks now.  I also have not heard a peep from them about my glucose test, so I'm hoping that means it's safe to assume I passed.  YAY!  Trying not to get too excited until I confirm on Wednesday.

Well friends, that's all for tonight.  We are having breakfast for dinner, one of my favs, and then I will probably go to bed super early again to try to get some extra rest and hopefully fight this nasty cold off more quickly.

Hope the start to your work week was peachy!


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