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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Happy (or not, since we're so close to Monday?) Sunday, Friends!  I meant to write a blog post on Friday, but ran out of time.  The Baums have been busy bees this weekend. 

We spent all day yesterday running a ton of errands.  I had an entire list of things to do that we didn't even get to.  Literally, we were up at 7, took Layla on a nice long walk, went to our usual for breakfast (Big Ed's), and then were out and about ALL day until it was time for our neighborhood tacky Christmas sweater party on Saturday night.  The only thing I really wanted to do was go price chair rail and pick out paint for the nursery.  My parents are coming into town this weekend for my birthday, so we've decided to go ahead and get started and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Our first shower is coming up in January, and our original plan was for Dan and his Dad to work on the nursery then, since my in-laws will be here because they're helping to host the shower.  However, we decided to go ahead and get started this weekend for two reasons: (1) since my parents are coming anyway, Daddy can bring all of the tools we need to install the chair rail as well as paint supplies so that we don't have to buy them (thanks Dad!) and (2) we will have a full house the weekend of the shower and people will need to sleep in that room - we are waiting to take the bed out and put the baby furniture in until after that weekend.  Thus, we figured it was better to go ahead and get started so that there are no paint fumes!  In-laws, if you're reading, not to worry, I have other projects for you.  :-)  Anyway, I digress.  The point of that whole thing was to say that we ended up not having time to go price chair rail or look at paint colors.  But we did get the following accomplished: found an excellent deal on a new blazer for Dan (this took up a lot of time - we were on a serious hunt for this and hit up a million quite a few stores, but our hard work paid off as we got an almost $400 blazer for $115!), got a new tiny rolling suitcase for his work trip this week (seriously I do not know how anyone could possibly pack in anything that small), got Dan a new pair of jeans, knocked some more off of the Christmas shopping list (so close to being done!), picked up a replacement ornament for the one I broke for our Appalachian tree (no judgment zone - yes we have two trees, but the ASU one is tiny), and found some stocking holders that will do the trick until the ones I really want go on sale after Christmas.  :-)

Saturday night was our neighborhood Christmas party - tacky sweater style.  Any of you who know me know that I get REALLY excited about tacky sweater parties.  We used to host one every year, until last year when we decided to wait until this year when we had a bigger house, because our house was small and our invite list keeps getting bigger.  This year, I honestly just didn't have the energy, so we were stoked when we found out that the neighborhood was doing one.  While we were out running our errands on Saturday, we randomly ended up running into Ryan and ended up grabbing lunch with he and Erin.  This worked out perfectly, because I had just been telling Dan how I'd forgotten to try on all of our tacky Christmas sweater attire before we left the house, and I wasn't sure if any of it would fit.  When I mentioned this at lunch, Erin said that they for sure had some I could probably use, so we swung by their house for me to try them on.  I am SO glad we did, because (a) the stuff I already had at home surely did not even come close to fitting - the shirts only came halfway down my belly at most because it is so big, (b) we ended up not having time to go by Wal Mart for a "plan b," and (c) the sweater I ended up with won me the prize!  I will stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves: 

Dan's pants are courtesy of his Dad from like the 1970s.  He LOVES them and tries to wear them whenever he possibly can.
Dan was ready before I was, and kept talking about how if there was a prize he would for sure win it.  The following conversation ensued as I was walking downstairs, where he was waiting for me:
Me:  Um, babe?  I think I might give you a run for your money.
Dan:  No way.  Not possible.  Let me see.
Me:  (Finishes my walk down the stairs)
Dan:  Wow.

Dan, Brett and Bo.  Bo's ascot gets me every time!

Meagan and Bo...prom pose take one, happy style.

Prom pose take two: serious this time.

Meagan, Baby Geronimina and me, and Amanda

Neighborhood girls at the party!  Lynnsey, Adria, Baby B and Me, Meagan and Amanda
The hilarious thing about this sweater, which you can't really tell from the photos, is that Santa's belly is exactly where mine is.  When I walked in the door there was literally collective laughter.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of the back, too, because it was equally as funny.  The sweater, as I said before, is courtesy of Berliner (who obtained it courtesy of Boswell's Mom I believe he told me).  Turtleneck is courtesy of Steph's Mom a few years ago...I thought I gave it back but I'm kind of glad I didn't since the holly matched my sweater perfectly! 
My Winnings!
I won a bottle of wine (ha!), a variety of meats and cheeses (which look kind of, and some chocolates.  YAY! 

Today we were busy as well - we went to church and then headed to our first childbirth class at Rex. That will require a whole separate post, so you'll want to stay tuned this week to hear all about it.  Let's just say I wish you could have all been flies on the wall!  After our class, we swung by the store to stock up on pregnant woman staples for the week (read: lots of children's cereal) since Dan is going to be gone and I'm not cooking for one..well 1.5 I guess.  Tonight we ordered Chinese takeout and are relaxing and watching football...a perfect end to a pretty busy weekend!

Hope your weekends were fabulous - stay tuned for the 31-week update tomorrow!


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