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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Baums!

I guess to be politically correct, I should have said "Happy Holidays."  I LOVE Christmas, and was so excited to decorate for our first Christmas in our new home.  I have tons and I mean TONS of Christmas decorations...or so I thought.  What I found was, while my house looked very festive last year, because the new house is so much bigger, it doesn't look like I have nearly as much.  Don't get me wrong, we have a ton of decorations and I absolutely do not need another thing...but as a result of more space, there are things I'd like to add next year when I'm not pregnant and have some energy.  Dan already hates Pinterest (a girlfriend said correctly today that it is "basically a man's worst nightmare"), but I'm sure it will be worse next year after I've implemented several projects I've had my eye on.  Ha!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you some of our decorations.  Disclaimer: please excuse the terrible photos - I'm learning how to use my new camera.  :-)

The front of our house.  If Dan had it his way, there would be 1 million lights, Clark Griswold style.  Every single year I have to tell him that he is not to redneck it up on the outside.  The above photo is the result of this year's compromise. 
Close-up of the front door.  Aren't those little reindeer the cutest?!

The wreath I made!  I was going to post a tutorial of how to do this but forgot to take photos along the way.  Let me know if you're super interested and I'll come up with something.  And yes, I made the bow, too!

View from the front door - dining room is to the left.

Our Appalachian Tree!  All black and gold.  And also a lot of footballs because I found some super cute glittery ones on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Thanks to Dad for adding to this after his trip to Boone last week!

The dining room table.  I never have it set, but I wanted to display our cute Christmas dishes.  For next year, I think I'd like some kind of festive runner, and maybe a cool centerpiece.  I've been scouring Pinterest for just the perfect one.  Sorry Dan.

Lord, this picture is crooked. This is our entryway table, with my Willow Tree nativity on top.  As you can see, I'm still missing a few pieces...I'll keep collecting!  The main thing I REALLY want is the manger itself.  Also, I think for next year I can probably find something to put on the other side of the table, too.

Christmas Card holder.  I literally bought this from Pottery Barn like two weeks ago but can no longer find it on the website - weird.  Anyway, it is bolted into the wall pretty good, so it will be staying permanently and will display lots of fun photos when it is no longer time for Christmas cards to be displayed.

Another nativity set that I got at my Christmas bridal shower.  Love these guys!

Living room shot

Close up of the mantel.  We've never had a mantel to hang stockings on before, I was so excited!  I think I'd like to do something fun with greenery up there next year, just have to decide what.  Also, I've had my eye on these stocking holders - we just got plain hooks (shown) until they go on sale after the Holidays.   And, know what I just thought about?! How exciting to think that next year there will be another stocking hanging there!

Close up of the tree.  Biggest one yet!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of our home.  I feel sure that due to my regular "shopping on the day after Christmas" problem, there will be some additions next year.  I'm off to finish the rest of my wrapping because it is hanging over my head and making me anxious - only four more to go!  In the meantime, we wish you the happiest of Holidays!


Dan, Sarah, Layla and Baby Baum

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