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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dr. Appointment Update

Today I had my 30-week appointment.  Just thought I'd give you all an update in a shorter-than-normal post so that I can go to bed (really) early (again). 

All is well with baby girl!  Her heartbeat is perfect and she's measuring normally.  My weight gain was +1 this weigh-in, putting my total at +20.  Although (WARNING: TMI coming up), I will say that I realized yesterday that I couldn't remember the last time I used the bathroom, so if the Miralax I drank both last night and this morning had kicked in pre-doctor appointment I think I would have been either break even with last weigh-in or maybe less.  :-)  He told me to stay boring, which I laughed at because any of you who follow Steph's blog will know that her doctor says that to her that often.

He checked my cold out because he wanted to make sure it wasn't bacterial.  He confirmed that it is, indeed, viral.  Sigh.  I almost wished it was bacterial - at least then he could have given me something to (hopefully) help me feel better!  I told him that I'd given the cold to Dan and Dan is already better, and he said that is to be takes pregnant women longer than normal to recover from illnesses anyway due to a weakened immune system from putting so much bodily energy into protecting baby.  He also said that a cold is the worst to have because it's harder to breathe anyway due to all of my organs shifting to make room for baby.  Who you tellin', sir.  He recommended that I get the flu shot if I haven't already (which I did 2 months ago).  Finally, he told me that although Afrin is on my approved list of medicines, he doesn't like to recommend it because it masks the symptoms so you think you're getting better when you're actually not getting better.  He said he'd recommend Benadryl before bed to help me sleep and Sudafed during the day.  Easy for him to say - I'd like to see him fight to keep his eyes open all day and then not be able to sleep at night due to lack of being able to breathe through his nose.  Makes for tough days at work!  He said I should be better in a week, 2 at the most.  I told him if I was sick for 2 more weeks I was going to hurt someone. 

He also assured me that the increased cramping that I'm having is perfectly normal.  He said to monitor the cramps and to call if they become frequent - if they are happening 6-8 times in an hour it could be pre-term labor and they'd want to check me out, but if it was inconsistent like it has been, she's just growing.  As for the joint pain in my hips, he said that is also to be expected - they're expanding to prepare for birth.  Already?!

So, that was pretty much it for today - I go back in two weeks and meet with the last doctor in the practice that I haven't seen yet.  The cleaning people actually showed up today (best investment ever, I tell you), so I am a happy woman this evening!  I'm off to watch Harry Potter - Dan surprised me with the last movie and we've both been dying to watch.  Here's hoping that I can get some rest tonight sans Afrin.  Sigh.

More to come tomorrow!


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