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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Photos

Howdy, friends!  Hope everyone had a great Thursday.  I've spent mine on the couch, yet again, while my man servant has done all sorts of things, which include (but were not limited to): cleaning, laundry, finish painting the nursery, grocery shopping, bank run, preparing my meals (and cleaning up), and dog duty, among other things.  Best husband ever, right?  He even let me ride with him to the the back seat with my feet propped up, of course.  He told me this morning that if they put me on permanent bed rest, he'll come home for lunch every day to keep me company.  Total keeper, right?  I'm still bored to death, but I have to admit that I can tell a big swelling is almost completely gone.  While I am secretly hoping that this means they'll give me the all clear to go back to business as usual, I'm afraid what they're actually going to say is, "cool, bed rest is working, keep doing it."  I'm still having quite a few contractions, but they don't appear to be too consistent.  I have been collecting my pee all day as instructed, and it is totally grossing me (and Dan) out, so I'll be glad to get rid of that mess.  I'm anxious about tomorrow's appointment, but am hopeful that all will go well.

It dawned on me today that I forgot to tell you all about (and show you) our family Christmas photos.  Dan and I decided against maternity photos.  While I have seen some beautiful ones and like the idea of it, we just decided that it wasn't for us.  Firstly, if you have them done with your first child, do you have to have them done for all future children?  Because what if by the next pregnancy I hate the way I look, and then eventually my kids tease me about Geronimina being the favorite because she was the only one I took photos for?  Additionally, they are an added expense that we didn't feel like we could justify - in the end, I'd rather have beautiful newborn photos.  With that said, we haven't had pictures taken since we got married, and Mom wanted some of the family as well.  SO, we contacted Mark Potter about a joint session.

I previously blogged a little about our session here, but didn't get to show you any photos, so I thought I'd do so now!  Mark is the husband of a girlfriend of mine, Allison, who is also a sorority sister.  These two are cuter than words can say, and they do a great job.  If you're looking for wonderful, professional, reasonably priced photos, I highly suggest that you contact these two.  They were great to work with, and our pictures turned out beautifully! 

Here are a few of my favorites from our family session (Looking back, I do not love my outfit, but whatevs):

The girls.

Really how cute are they?  Still sweet as can be after all these years.

Daddy and his girls - Baby B was kicking his arm the whole time!

The whole family: Josh & Katy, Dad, Sydney, Mom, Sarah (& Geronimina) and Dan
Mom used the last one on her Christmas card, and it turned out beautifully!  As Mark and Allison surely could tell, it's hard to get all of us to cooperate - especially the boys - so they did a great job!  Here are some of my favorites of Dan and I and our first-born, Layla:

Sweet girl - she was a photographer's dream!  Very cooperative.  :-)


Also typical.  Why did we need a child when I already have one?  ;-)
I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as we enjoyed taking them.  We had a wonderful time and hope to team up with Mark and Allison again in the near future!  In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to sleep...I am such a nervous wreck about tomorrow's doctor appointment that I'm not sure whether or not I actually will.  I'll keep you all posted!


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