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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fabulous News Friday

As a follow up to my Bad News Bears post from Wednesday, I wanted to end the week with some GREAT news: the furniture dilemma is no longer a dilemma!  BBB called Dan this morning to tell him that...wait for it...they found a dresser for us!  One of their IL stores ended up having our dresser in stock in the right color.  YAY!  It made my whole day.  They said we could expect the dresser to be delivered (free of charge, of course) in 2-4 weeks.  Know what that means?  We've got some work to do.  Starting with agreeing on nursery fabric.  Oh, what, you thought we'd made some decisions?  Turns out I was wrong.  Anyway let's not let that daunting process hamper our good mood.  Yay furniture!

In other exciting news, we picked out and purchased our Christmas tree this afternoon (and a new stand) with minimal drama...only one slight snafu.  I was standing right in front of the tree we'd picked out waiting for Dan to bring the Christmas tree helper man back to cut it for us.  Around that time, a woman came up and said it was her tree.  Um, pretty sure I am standing here and you were not, lady.  There was a short but heated discussion between the woman and the Christmas tree helper person (He was on our side: "Well lady, you weren't standing here and she was."), but in the end we gave up because we are Christmas cheer spreaders, not grinches.  Who steals a Christmas tree from a pregnant woman?!  Anyway, we picked a different, even more awesome tree, and because the people at the Christmas tree farm felt bad that the Christmas tree nazi lady was so rude, they gave it to us for $40 instead of $55 as marked!  Double score.  $40 for  a 10 foot tree?  We'll take it.

Dan posing with the perfect Christmas tree!
Now all we need is for the branches to fall...
I know what you're thinking: yes, Dan won and we moved furniture so the tree could fit in the wall recess.  I have to admit that for the first time ever, I was wrong: it does look pretty good there with the furniture out of the way.

With the weather being a little cooler this week, it's gotten me really excited about decorating, so we're going to do that tomorrow.  Since we're in the new house now, I've gotten permission to get a few additional Christmas staples that we never needed before now: a Christmas card holder, some stocking holders, some wreaths to put on our front windows, and some garland for the fireplace.  Wahoo!  Earlier in the day I was exhausted by the thought of decorating because I knew it meant cleaning, too...until Dan came home with the surprise that the cleaning people are coming next week.  It has been an all around good day, friends.

So, on this weekend's agenda?  Christmas decorating, my work Christmas party tomorrow night, and church on Sunday followed by "uninterrupted football watching" (Dan's words). Oh, and discussing the nursery and making some decisions.  Pray for us.  Hope your weekend is great, too!


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