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Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorating the Christmas Tree

You may remember me mentioning last week that we picked out our Christmas tree over the Thanksgiving holiday while we were in the mountains.  I just remembered that I actually didn't post may photos of that because I was in the process of trying to choose photos for our Christmas card, but now that I've chosen I can just leave out the card photos and show you a few million others.  ;-)  Just like last year, we returned to Cornett and Deal Christmas Tree Farm.  It's so crazy to see the difference a year makes!!!

Our 2012 trip to CDTF

I forgot how much I LOVE this Christmas tree farm.  It does not have a ton of the kiddie stuff like a lot of the other Christmas tree farms in the area, but it is small and family-owned and everything about it is just so…sweet.  I would highly recommend it if you'er ever in the area!  Anyway, we were excited to return to CDTF for our 2013 tree (aka the beast).  I think L was most excited about the hayride to actually choose the tree, and I was most excited that we managed to squeeze in some really cute family photos.  Double score.


I love her fake smile.  "Cheeeeeeese!"

Keller family Christmas card?  My bad that the light was in your eyes, fools!

Daddy being silly. 
Auntie Syd!
On a mission to find the perfect spot for photos Christmas tree.
Daddy's girl
Soon to be family of four…eee!

Snuggles with Mimi 
Me and my girl

Mimi, Pawpaw and the grandkids!
Mom, Syd and Dad - Eaker family Christmas photo 2013?
Having what appears to be a very serious conversation with Uncle Joshy on the return hayride...

Sugars for Mason!
Sugar for Mimi, too.
Happy girl
Ever since we brought the beast home it's been sitting in our living room undecorated.  I've been itching to decorate, but we've just had so much going on that we didn't get the chance to decorate until this past weekend.  I was SO EXCITED to see what L thought about the whole decorating process.  Sadly for me, she was only into decorating for approximately 30 seconds and then she was over it.  Now that it's decorated, though, she loves to look at the ornaments, and she loves trying to find things on the tree if I ask her where they are ("Lilly, can you show Mommy where Santa Clause is?  Do you see a snowman?  How about Rudolph?").  Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) for you all, I couldn't narrow down this next series of photos very much so there are approximately 2938748239 of Lilly and the beast tree.  Behold:

I'm not sure why I didn't think to put L in her Christmas jammies for the decorating process.  Instead she's wearing her Halloween ones.  Whoopsie.
Again, "cheeeeeeese!"

At least Dan had on festive jammies!

As I mentioned before, L was only really interested in actually helping to decorate for approximately 30 seconds, so that's it for the decorating pics.  Here is what the finished product looks like followed by photos of some of my favorite ornaments to date.  I think I mentioned yesterday that this is the first time we've been able to fit all of our ornaments on the tree, so exciting (when did I get so old?)!
She's a giant, but a beaut nonetheless!
"Lilly's first Christmas" ornament that we made last year.  It was supposed to be a handprint, and at the time that we made it I was annoyed that it wasn't perfect but I think I actually love it more because it's imperfect.
Our wedding ornament from Amanda and a duck ornament that Mimi gave Lilly last year.
Side note:  I have been a TOTAL nazi about labeling ornaments with the child's name, year and who gifted the ornament (or better yet making the giver label the ornament).  Dan's Mom seriously kept every ornament he ever made or was given and gave them to us when we got married (see below), and I just love that idea and really appreciated that she saved everything and gave it to us so I'm attempting to do the same (unless I get too attached to them and need to keep them for myself ha!).

An NC dogwood ornament given to me by Aunt Hopey and made by one of the NC potters at Seagrove.  One of our favorites to date.
Lilly's baby bump ornament that my Mom got for me when I was pregnant with her.  I am in search of another one for baby boy, let me know if you've seen any that aren't fug!
Two of my favorite ornaments from my Grandma Lil's (Lillian's namesake!) tree.  Gramma LOVED Christmas and had a ton of decorations, and when she passed away my Dad and his brothers were nice enough to let the grandkids go through everything and choose a few things to keep.  I think I came home with 5 or 6 things but the above two are two of my favorites.  Gramma actually made the angel on the right.
First Christmas ornament for Lilly from Grandma Susie!
Carolina Beach sea turtle from Grandma Susie.  I think it's safe to say that this one is one of Lilly's favs, she LOVES to find it on the tree.
One of Dan's childhood ornaments - he would have been 2 in that photo.  Again, one of my favorite ones that we have, it is front and center on the tree!
When we finally changed out of our jammies for the day, I made sure L was in something that looked a little more festive just in case I could snap any additional photos.  As I said, once the tree was decorated she became obsessed with it and I have so enjoyed watching her with it.  Excuse the cookie monster socks pulled up over her jeggings HA.

After bath on Sunday night, I dressed L in her Santa gown in hopes to get a cute photo of just her for the back of our Christmas card.  I actually wanted one of she and Layla but I gave up on that idea pretty quickly - I can't even describe the chore that is getting those two to sit still and look at the camera at the same time.  Anyway, L was decidedly not feeling cooperative.  She was being a total cheese ball, so I resorted to trying to bribe her with a dumdum but once she saw the sucker it was game over.  Here are a few million of my little ham doing everything in her power not to give me a sweet Christmas tree photo!  We didn't get one for this year's Christmas card but I will surely be trying for a sweet picture again at a later date.  :-)

So, there you have it: Operation decorate the Christmas tree 2013.  I have a feeling that from here on out this process will only get more chaotic and FUN, because next year I'll have an almost-three-year-old and an almost-one-year-old.  Can't wait to find out.


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