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Sunday, December 1, 2013


We are back from our Thanksgiving travels, and while I am so grateful that we got to spend the Holiday and weekend with family, I am happy to be home!  We do not have any plans to travel until Christmas, which is a rarity around here, and I'm really excited about it.

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful!  We started out by heading to Asheboro on Thursday morning to have lunch with my extended family on my Mom's side.  The food was, as usual, divine.  Granny and Papa just finished moving into their new home, so we did something a little different this year and we all gathered for our meal at Aunt Hopey's church.  It was perfect, because there was plenty of room for all of us and also the dogs (and kids!) got to run around and play in the gym.

Fair Warning: this post is going to be photo-heavy, to say the least!

Granny and Mason

Lills and Aunt Syd

I was afraid she wouldn't wear the boots, but she's obsessed and only wants to wear these shoes now.  I die.

My little turkey!

Mommy's girl

Family pic (minus Layla, who was not interested in sitting still)

Uncle David was in baby heaven!

Playing with Mimi

Granny and Papa.  A life and marriage to aspire to, for sure.

Mason gets sooooooo excited about eating.

I seriously want to squeeze those cheeks right off his face!!!

The blessing.

Layla was worn out from all of the activity.
We left Asheboro right after lunch and headed to Boone for the remainder of the weekend.  

First snow at the cabin, wahoo!
There was lots of eating, relaxing, playing cards and spending time together.  We also broke out the Christmas jammies, which I have been so excited about and impatiently waiting for since October ha!

Sparkle reindeer PJs courtesy of MoJo's Boutique.  Obsessed can't even begin to describe my feelings for this set.  Check Amber out and tell her I sent you!

Cousins in their matching Santa jammies.  I DIE.  And my apologies to Syd that I couldn't edit your face out of this one.  Serves you right for judging the jumping up and down I was doing to get both kiddies to look at Katy for some iPhone pics.  :-)

We even managed to get our Christmas tree...

Seriously the most ginormous tree we've ever gotten.  Dan is SO excited.  Good thing we have vaulted ceilings, I wasn't sure how we were even gonna get this sucker in the house!
...and see the new Hunger Games movie while we were away (thanks to Mimi and Pawpaw for babysitting the littles!).  

I won't post pictures of the Christmas Tree Farm yet because I think we're going to use one for our Christmas card, but soon I promise!  In the meantime, here are just a few that we took when we were in Boone last weekend for the Eaker Mountain House Christening/ASU Game (again, not posting the family pics in case we use one on our Christmas card, but there were some cute ones!):

I am so, so blessed and thankful every day for my sweet little family and much more.  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well.  

Unfortunately, the three of us picked up a nasty cold at some point over the weekend and have felt pretty terrible all day, so I'm off to bed.  I need to be well-rested for some serious Cyber Monday shopping in the morning.  :-)  Happy first week of December YAY!


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