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Monday, December 23, 2013


It appears that, much like Halloween activities (which I have still yet to blog about), I may not get to posting about all of our fun Christmas activities prior to Christmas.  Maybe I can get to it before NYE?  Anyway, in case I don't get around to it (again, much like Halloween, ugh!), I wanted to make sure I had some of this year's Santa pics documented.

We loved the Santa at Pullen so much last year that we decided to go see him again this year.  This year, the besties joined us, and we had so much fun.  As a refresher from last year, L loved Santa and was very intrigued by his beard:

When I look at this picture, it's hard for me to believe that it was only a year ago and that she was so little.  When did my baby turn into a big girl?!

This year was a different story, ha!

We had been talking about Santa and looking at pictures, etc. and L was so excited to go see him.  In fact, she woke up from nap that day saying, "Mommy!  Go see Santa?!  Santa!  Merry Christmas, Santa!  Ho Ho Ho!  Rudolph!  Santa!"  So I had pretty high hopes.  Standing in line when L could see Santa in the tent she was pretty excited and chattering happily about him, and even when we walked into the tent she was still fine.  Dan took her up to see him and I was going to act a fool/bribe her with treats to try to make her smile so that Syd could take pictures for us.  When L was standing right in front of Santa (with Dan holding her) everything was still A-OK.  But boy, did she change her mind when we tried to put her on Santa's lap!  To say she was not amused is an understatement.  I took her from Dan to see if I could get her to sit with him, but no such luck, she was not having it.

Below images all courtesy of Stephanie Aldridge Photography

I love this because she is crying and saying "cheeeeeeeeeeese" at the same time
I"m not so sure about this guy, Mom
Poor Santa!  He was a good sport, though.

We finally convinced L to give Santa a high five, but that was as close as she'd get:

So, definitely no Christmas-card worthy photo op this year, but that's ok...there's always next year!  :-)  Other than that (and the fact that it was FREEZING), Lilly and Hadley had a great time together!  They were so cute, dancing to the music that the band was playing.  I have pictures but have thus far been too lazy to upload them and go through them all, so hopefully I will get to it soon.

I have been going nonstop today and tonight and tomorrow is only going to be worse, so I am heading to bed early like an old lady.  

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!



  1. We didn't get great ones this year either. Ellington froze up and just stared at Santa with a blank face and Winsley cried the entire time (even with me holding her tight). Sometimes the ones that don't goes as planned are the funniest though.

    1. I agree 100000%! My favorite one is where she is clearly crying and has big tears rolling down her cheeks but is also saying "cheeeeeeeeeeese" with her fake smile. Kids are so funny!!!


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