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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lilly the Ballerina

We have a new development in the Baum household: my child has a mild obsession with all things ballet and tutu.  It's really quite cute, but it's hard to say yet who she got her moves from (let's hope for her sake that it's Daddy if she ever wants to pursue ballet seriously!).  Last week, we found an episode of Sesame Street called Dancing Day and downloaded it as well as another episode Lilly has never watched since we knew we'd be in the car quite a bit with Thanksgiving travels.  We have to choose downloads that will keep her attention wisely, because normally she only watches 2-3 songs before bed - rarely full episodes (she wouldn't sit still if I wanted her to!).  We needn't have bothered downloading two episodes because "ballet" was the only episode she wanted to watch.  Over. and over. and over.  Ever since, she's been obsessed!  And that's probably putting it mildly.

This morning when L woke up she asked me to read her Nutcracker book, so of course I obliged even though I was already running late for work because I will never discourage reading but also mainly because she is so snuggly when she first wakes up that I couldn't say no.  Upon finishing the reading of said book, Lilly immediately demanded a tutu.  "Mommy, Lilly wear tutu.  Lilly do ballet."  So I put the tutu on over top of her jammies and the end result was maybe the cutest thing ever.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already had the chance to behold the cuteness but I'll post it again here because I can't resist:

Sweet bed head, yes?  Can't do a thing with it!

I could not have pried her out of that tutu if I tried - she cried when I took it off to change her diaper.  Have you ever tried explaining to an almost-23-month-old that you had to take her tutu off so there was no chance of poop getting on it?  She wore the tutu to breakfast, and I'm pretty sure she wore it all day because when I got home from work she had it on over her clothes.  Hysterical.  And in case the above photos aren't cute enough, here is a video of her ballet skills:

The cutest, yes?  The definite highlight of this dreary Thursday for me.  

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am excited and ready for the weekend!


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