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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

12 Week Update

I can't believe we're already to the 12 week mark!  Time is FLYING by, and it's stressing me out a little!  Somehow "28 weeks to go" sounds like so much less than "40 weeks to go."  My how it flies

I've (sort of) recovered from the other night's hotel debaucle and am excited to give you all the 12 week update:

Size of Geronimo: A plum!  He/she is getting bigger by the day.

Weight Gain So Far: I haven't checked this this week, because I'm kind of scared to.  I am feeling extra gross about myself and feel like I've been eating a TON.  I'll have to weigh in on Friday, so I'll report back in next week's update unless I've already graduated to whale status.

Cravings: Still varies, but ice cream is the most consistent thing I want all the time.  I have found that I'd much rather eat junk food - anything salty or sweet - than things that are healthy for me.  Not sure if that's normal or even considered a craving.

Aversions: Still nothing to report here, except this week there was an incident.  I ordered a margherita pizza the other night at dinner and it was smothered in pesto (do they always have pesto on them?  I didn't think they did and I guess I didn't read the menu very well). I legitimately thought I was going to barf right there on the table when it was delivered to me.  Luckily, my co-worker, Eric gave me a slice of his pizza (it was pepperoni), but just the smell of the pesto pretty much ruined my dinner - I didn't have an appetite after that.

Symptoms: Still constipation, ugh.  Also still tired, but hoping that the second trimester will bring extra energy like all of my girlfriends say it will.  Nauseated feeling is still pretty consistent, too.  Recent additions to this category are headaches - a lot of them - and dizziness.  There have been a few times when I was sure I was going to pass out from being so dizzy.  I'll just have to get up more slowly, I suppose.  I'm not complaining, I know it's all worth it!

What I Miss: Being able to stay up past 9!  I am such an old lady.

Things I am Thankful For: Our amazing support system.  This week we told our parents that it was okay to start sharing the good news, and we've gotten such sweet and thoughtful e-mails and phone calls.  We are so grateful to be surrounded and loved by all of you, and we can't wait for Baby Geronimo to meet you all.  I am also thankful for the best investment we ever made: our tempur pedic bed.  Dear bed, I cannot wait to come home to you (and Dan and Layla too, of course)!

Signs of a Bump: It is still teeny, but it's definitely there!  See for yourself:

I had a serious internal debate over whether to post thise picture (it was taken last week).  I sent it to my Mom, Dan, Mother-in-law and sister-in-laws last week to see if they could see anything and they said yes, so I decided it was ok to post.   I'm so excited to have a bump, even a teeny tiny one, although my sister-in-law Andrea has assured me that I will be sad I wished for one in roughly 5 months.  I still can't really tell whether the current bump is just (a) me getting fat, (b) a lot of bloating, (c) the baby, or (d) all of the above.

Next Doctor Appointment: Friday!  This one's a big one, so I'll post an update afterwards.  I can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat and see how big he/she has gotten!

I violated the "no bathing suits in front of co-workers" rule last night and we all went for a swim after dinner.  It was SO nice.  I wish I had a float and could have slept in the pool!  

Happy hump day!


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