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Monday, August 15, 2011

14 Week Update

14 weeks already?!  So crazy to think about, and time is flying.  February 13 will be here before we know it!  I've got a lot of fun stuff coming up on the blog this week, but for now the 14-week update will have to suffice.

Size of Geronimo: A lemon!  It is so crazy how fast Baby Geronimo is growing.  This week, according to my update e-mails, he/she is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, making urine/bowel movements (Side Note: it kind of grosses me out that they are just swimming in their pee/poop.  Or are they? I will have to do some research and report back, but I'm not really sure where else it would go considering it's trapped in there.), and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys, and spleen continue to develop.  Also, thin hair is growing all over his/her body for warmth.  According to my "What To Expect" e-mail, I "might actually start showing" soon.  Um, if I have been showing for a few weeks, what does that  mean about the weeks to come?!

Weight Gain So Far: -1 lbs.  I know, weird, when I weighed in at the doctor last week I'd actually lost a pound from where I started, so I guess technically I'm down 1.5 lbs since I had gained .5 at the appointment-before-last.  Not sure how it happened, I suppose I shouldn't complain though!

Cravings: Still no hankering for pickles or anything like that.  Nothing really to report here, surprisingly.

Aversions: In the past week or two, I have had a slight aversion to meat - but it is not consistent.  Some days I can eat it and be fine, and other times, even when it sounds good, when it gets to my plate it makes me want to vom.  So weird, I know.

Symptoms: I am happy to report no more constipation (knock on wood!).  Doctor's orders have worked, and I am SO HAPPY about it - you would seriously not BELIEVE the relief.  In the past week I have had absolutely horrible headaches - today, I experienced the worst one I think I have ever had.  In talking to other pregnant girlfriends, the consensus is that those will happen often after this, so I'll have to keep Extra Strength Tylenol on hand.

Movement:  A new category this week!  Before you get too excited, I have not felt any movement - but I'm hoping to feel something soon, so that's why I included it.  I also thought this would be a good place to talk about the fact that our little one is a WIGGLE WORM (like father like child, for sure - can't sit still!)!  I don't think he/she likes it when things are trying to find him/her.  A few weeks ago at my first trimester screening, when the ultrasound technician was trying to take measurements, every time the ultrasound wand (I have no idea whether that is the correct term for it) was over the baby, he/she would flip and do all sorts of wiggling - wouldn't stay still long enough for the lady to get her measurements!  And then this past Friday with the nurse practitioner, when she was trying to hear the heartbeat through the doppler, you could actually hear the baby moving away from the wand.  She kept saying, "I don't know what it's doing in there, but the baby does not want me listening to the heartbeat."  It was hilarious!
What I Miss: Can't think of anything this week.  Some days like today when I am extra tired from staying up all night reading The Hunger Games, I miss Diet Coke - but it's not really an every day thing, and I'm A-OK without it.

Things I am Thankful For: Being able to spend quality time with my family on our Staycation over the weekend, and going wedding dress shopping with my sister.  It's hard not to think about what it would be like to live closer to all of them when I get to be at home for a short periods of time like this!

Signs of a Bump: Still growing!  I still have not bought any maternity clothes - I've been relying on the belly band a lot (I LOVE that thing).  I will try to get a picture up later in the week.

Next Doctor Appointment: September 14 - and this is THE BIG ONE!  We get to find out the sex of Baby Geronimo!  I am so excited I can't stand it, so I hope the next month flies by.  I'm still trying to talk Prince Danny into a gender reveal - even for just our close family - but he is not budging.  Party pooper!
I have a busy week this week for work, but am looking forward to taking the day off on Friday to head to Boone for the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be perfect, and it should be a nice, relaxing weekend - AND we get to reunite with all of our friends for Mike & Sarah's wedding!  Until next time, when the post will be more fun... :-)

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  1. I support any excuse for a party :). Can't wait for this weekend!


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