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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day of Surprises!

The 13-week update will have to wait until tomorrow because I got some surprises today and I'm so excited!

First, I know I have said it before but I seriously have the best husband in the whole world.  Not only did he do the grocery shopping and pick up my prescription on the way home from work (yes!  you read right!  he ran errands for us!), but when I arrived home I was greeted to this wonderful surprise:
The absolute best part about aforementioned surprise is that I didn't even ask for these! I kid you not, I finished my last single-serving of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream yesterday, and I know I didn't mention that to him.  And then today while at work I was thinking, gosh oreos would be delicious (I polished a bag of those off last week...whoops).  I swear, I did not ask for either, even when he asked if I wanted anything from the store.  And yet they still managed to make their way into my pantry/freezer.  He is SERIOUSLY awesome.  Could it be that he is trying to make Baby Geronimo favor him before he/she even comes out of the womb?!  Either way, I think I'll keep him.  :-)

The second surprise came in the mail (Side note: don't you just love getting mail?! It's like Christmas in the middle of the week.  Just me?  Oh.).  I came home to find the following package in my mailbox:
I guess that's a lie, the above picture is of what was actually inside the box, but whatever...details!  I saw that the return address was from "chewbeads," and stood at the mailbox scratching my head for five minutes trying to figure out what I'd ordered that I didn't remember ordering (I am pretty sure it is evidence that I have a serious problem that more than once I have gotten things in the mail that I didn't remember ordering.  Don't even get my husband started.).  I spent the next five minutes coming up with a story to tell Dan of why I needed said item that was ordered.  Seriously, he is a bank account nazi, so I was thinking to myself, I wonder why he hasn't asked me what I bought yet?  When we first got married, before he convinced me to make the biggest mistake of my whole life join bank accounts, I would order things and have them sent to my bestie's house to hide them from him, and then just leave them in my trunk until he was MIA and I could sneak them in.  True story.  I have a problem.

ANYWAY, none of that matters, back to business.  So I finally figured out that I had not, in fact, ordered anything, and that this was a present.  I LOVE PRESENTS!  Who could it be from?  I know, the anticipation is killing you. Here's my loot:
It was jewelry from our good friends Rich and Eliza (THANKS GUYS!)!  But not just any jewelry...kid-friendly jewelry!  The bracelet and necklace pictured above are from chewbeads.  I have never heard of these before, but they are seriously so cool.  Their slogan is, after all, "mommy chic, baby safe."  Here are some fun facts about this jewelry:
  • Fashionable teething jewelry
  • Beads are made of 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers & nipples)
  • Soft on babies gums & emerging teeth
  • No BPA, PVC, phtalates, cadmium, or lead
  • Easily cleaned with soap & water, also diswasher safe (!!!!!)
  • Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
  • Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help your baby focus while nursing
  • Bracelets are a colorful reminder for which side you just nursed
Seriously.  Could this jewelry possibly be ANY MORE COOL?!  I am SO excited about this gift, and cannot wait to wear the jewelry.  Rich and Eliza, thank you so much for thinking of are too, too sweet for words and I can't wait to be a fashionable Momma!  Ladies, if you have girlfriends who are pregnant or have toddlers this is a GREAT gift idea, too!

The oh-so-fabulous husband discussed previously has just informed me that dinner is ready: BLTs with avocado, yes please!  Tune back in tomorrow for the 13-week update, and later in the week, a product review (you won't want to miss it, I swear).



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  1. Hooray for surprises! And I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the "product review"... LOL


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