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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What (not?) To Wear

At 16 weeks, I have officially reached the point where I have nothing to wear.  Those of you who know me and are aware of my love of all things clothing-and-shoe-related know that this was/is a pretty tragic realization.  I feel like my belly literally popped out of nowhere this week, it is for sure noticeable now to the point where people are asking about it.  As a result, dressing myself is becoming a little difficult (already?!).

I still fit in my normal pants just fine, with the aid of the belly band of course.  I'm not sure whether I ever did a post/product review on this, but for those of you who are pregnant, this thing is a life saver.  It prolongs the amount of time you can wear your normal clothes comfortably, and is a much cheaper alternative than having to buy a bunch of maternity clothes right off the bat.  It just folds over (or not, whatever makes you comfortable)  your pants, and voila, they stay up!  Demonstration:
Photo Courtesy of Amazon
Anyway, so the belly band has helped my wardrobe as well as my bank account nazi husband wallet thus far (You're welcome, Prince Danny!  Actually, he heard me talking about how I wanted a few of these and actually came home from one of his "I'm going to surprise my pregnant wife" trips with one...SO cute.  I die.).  It used to be that I could at least partially zip my pants, but really starting this week I cannot even get them to zip at all, so I've been wearing the belly band slap out.

The problem is this: while the belly band is not uncomfortable, it's not as comfortable as I feel like pants that fit would be.  Does that make sense?  And I'm still too small for a lot of the maternity clothes I've tried on.  As I have stumbled across sales at stores and outlets, I've picked up a few tops and stretchy dresses in the next size (or sizes) up, and they've worked fine so far, but a girl needs some variety!  I don't like wearing the same thing all the time, which is unfortunate because I have a feeling I will be doing so, even when I do get maternity clothes - I can't justify spending the money on a TON of new stuff that I won't be able to wear for very long.  Plus, the bigger sizes won't work for too much longer.

Not to mention, it's hard to find things that look excellent on at this point since I have a bump but not one that's big enough for serious maternity clothes.  We have several weddings coming up, and I LOVE weddings and am so excited for these, but am running out of ideas of things to wear.  I bought this Lilly Pulitzer Blake Dress (sorry the photo's so small) a few weeks ago two sizes bigger than I'd normally buy, and it came in the mail and is WAY too looks like a sack on me.  Literally swallows me whole, even with the pregnant belly.  I can't exchange it because I bought it on major sale and now they are, of course, sold out.  I guess the good news is, since it's so huge, I can hopefully get it altered so that it will fit perfectly.  If it ends up working, I'll make sure to post pics.

Anyway, I guess this was a pointless post, talking about my fashion troubles!  I am by no means trying to sound whiny - I of course know that I am totally vain to be worrying about clothes the end result will be WELL worth it, it can just be a little frustrating at times.  Any ideas from my Mommy friends out there of what to do in this crazy in between stage?

We are going to see my "little brother" perform comedy stand-up tonight uptown, and I am so excited about it!  I'm equally excited about a four-day work week both this week and next...bring on the weekend!


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