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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Poor, neglected blog (and readers)!  It has been a busy few days, and I have been extra exhausted, which is why I haven't been gracing you with my presence.  I will try to get better, I promise!

This weekend, we have been in Charlotte for vacation with my family.  Actually, since we stayed in Charlotte this year, we've been calling it our "staycation."  We normally go to the beach or the mountains or somewhere else, but everyone has been really busy this summer and school is about to start back for Syd, and it was really our last opportunity to spend some time together.  So, Mom's had a full house!  Dan and I and Layla came on Friday morning after my doctor appointment, and later in the day Katy and her fiance Josh arrived.  Mom has been in Heaven having us here - although I'm not sure she's loved having four dogs quite so much!

Friday night, we went to a Charlotte Knights baseball game.  Growing up, my Dad's company had season tickets (first row above the 3rd base dugout, they were awesome!), so we used to go to the games all the time, but I haven't been in years.  It brought back some wonderful memories, for sure!  Well, that and some mild annoyance at Dan and Josh for being embarrassing in their heckling of the visiting team. 

Saturday morning, the boys went to play golf, and the girls went on our first day of wedding gown shopping with Katy!  She's been finishing up an internship in Boone all summer (she graduated Friday, CONGRATS KATE!), and with everyone being so busy it's been hard to coordinate schedules to go shopping.  We had a blast!  Katy seriously has the best body of anyone I have ever met in my whole life, and she looked absolutely stunning in everything she tried on - to the point where around the third store, we think she started getting confused!  I WISH I could post pictures of her in all of our favorite dresses, but I know Josh reads the blog so I'll refrain.  Josh - she is going to look amazing - but of course, you already knew that, right(even in the long-sleeved dress with the cammo sash and the purple puffy sleeves, LOL)?  :-)  Anyway, she's going to have a hard time choosing, I think.  It was so interesting to see the types of dresses she tried on, too, because the ones she liked were all the complete opposite of what I pictured her liking.  I can't wait to see what she ends up with!  We topped the day off with Mexican for dinner and watching the Panthers game (Armanti was AWESOME!  Made me even more proud to be an ASU grad.).  It was as close to being a perfect day as it gets!

Today, Mom rented a boat on Lake Wylie for the day.  We had all of our picnic foods ready to go, and were so excited for a day on the lake, but sadly there is an 80% chance of rain so we're going to have to reschedule.  I think we've decided to hang around the house and have game and movie day (Anyone want to challenge me in Scrabble?  You won't win, I promise) - and maybe even go see a movie if we're feeling frisky.  I'm also going to try to talk Dan into taking me to IKEA (I can't believe I've never been!), but considering football will be on, that venture will likely not happen.

It's been a wonderful weekend, and I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow!  It will be a short week, though, as we have Mike and Sarah's wedding this weekend in Boone which we are so excited about.

On the blog agenda this week: a 14-week and doctor visit update, more amazing gifts from friends & family, and a fabulous girls night (with a gender test!) - so you'll want to stay tuned for sure!

Hope all of your weekends were just as fantastic as mine has been!


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