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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Baby Geronimo, what will you be?!

I am dying, I mean D Y I N G to know what this baby is!  I have refrained from even looking at anything baby-related until we find out.  And let's not even discuss names, no siree.  We will never be able to agree, so we're waiting until our big appointment on September 14 to start making decisions, buying loads and loads of clothes (don't tell Dan) and thinking about the nursery, etc.

There are all kinds of tests out there that you can do before the official ultrasound appointment to determine the gender of your baby.  Obviously, they are not perfect, and they have a 50% chance of being right or wrong (NOTE: results of tests #1 & #2 revelaed below come from this baby gender prediction website).  Let's discuss, friends!

Test #1: Chinese Gender Chart
Per my research, the Chinese Gender Chart dates back a LONG time.  Apparently, the chart is said to be 90% accurate when used properly.  HOWEVER, I must disclaim here that I know several women who have done this, and it has been wrong more times than right.  I have literally done probably five of these things, all from different websites, and they all say GIRL.  See for yourself (note: I conceived in May <TMI? SBI!> and am 27):

Test #2: Wives Tales
There are all kinds of wivetales out there about what your baby will be.  I'm sure you've heard them.  For example, if you carry low it's a boy, high it's a girl.  If the heartbeat is below a certain number, it will be a boy, if it's above, it will be a girl.  The list goes on and on!  There is a test on the website noted above that combines all of these wivestales in a quiz type format and then spits out an answer.  My test results are as follows:

BOY!  My husband will be happy with that one!  For him to actually see that result, though, he'd have to read this blog, which I am pretty sure he does not do.  He has not yet discovered that I am the best blogger ever and that I actually have followers (I know you're out there!)  Oh well!

Test #3: The Needle (or Ring) Test
This one is by far my favorite.  I don't know why, because I know more women who have done this test and had it be wrong than right, but it just seems like the coolest of the three.  You can do this test with a needle and thread, or if you don't have that you can use any kind of string and a wedding ring (but a plain one - no diamonds, even if they're all the way around, or the weight will be uneven according to my gf Lindsey!). 

So the first way you can do this test is over the wrist.  I have a co-worker, Billy, who used to work at Belk back in the day, and he learned how to do this from a lady he worked with this and has quite perfected it.  When Billy and I did this test, we didn't have a needle and thread, so we substituted his wedding ring and the string from his office blinds (LOL).  The wrist test will not only tell you the sex of your baby, but it will also tell you how many children you'll have!  If the ring goes in a circular motion, it will be a girl, but if it moves to and fro like a pendulum, it will be a boy.  It will then stop momentarily between each motion, which tells you how many children you'll have.  From Billy's test, we learned that I will have two children: girl first and then boy. 

On Thursday night, I had a girls night with Jenny (who was in town from Charlotte), Leah and Lindsey.  We ate Mexican at Cantina 18 and it was SO GOOD, I love that place.  I was so excited to see these girls and to get to spend some time with them and catch up.  Jenny is dating a boy that looks JUST like a Ken doll, so it was nice to catch up on she and McDreamy's love life.  Leah and Lindsey both just got married and moved away from me (BOO!), so it was nice to catch up on what's going on with them as well!  Here is a picture of the three of them at Leah's rehearsal dinner in May:

Lindsey, Leah, Jenny
Aren't they so pretty?!  So, Lindsey's Mom is an expert at the needle/ring test, and taught Lindsey everything she knows!  We therefore thought it would be an excellent idea to try it for the second time that day.  So, after dinner, out to the back seat of Leah's car we went to test it out.  Lindsey's trusted method of is to use a wedding ring and let it sit over the tummy.  Side note: if you're doing this version, it will only work if you're pregnant - we tried on Leah, and since she's not pregnant it didn't do anything!  I debated for a long time whether to post this video - it's kind of dark and I look horrible in it, but in the end I decided to post so you could see the results.  No judgment zone!

Leah, Lindsey & Jenny: I had so much fun with you girls and hope we get to see each other again soon!

It looks like out of all of the tests, the general consensus so far is girl.  Of course I will be happy either way, but I can't wait until our ultrasound appointment on September 14 so we can see if any of these were right! 

Up next, another post on some more awesome gifts from friends & family!




  1. oh my gosh! this post made me cry because i am so happy for you! loveeee you!

    and i was totally serious about the naming her Leah thing ... duh. :)

  2. You wrote amazing! Actually; for family balancing, I believe in having a baby of desired gender so that children & preparations can be done well. What do you think?


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