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Monday, January 2, 2012

34 Week Update

Howdy, friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE and drank an extra glass of champagne for me.  :-)  I am oh-so-sorry for the lack of daily posts recently.  For whatever reason, I haven't been motivated.  You'd think being on bed rest I'd have plenty of time - which I have - I've just been in a funk.  Anyway, I'll try to snap out of said funk for your reading pleasure.

I decided not to do a weekend roundup because there really wasn't much to it.  My parents came to visit and brought a surprise (which I'll blog about later), and Dan's parents came to visit as well.  Other than that, we just hung around the house with the exception of going to church and lunch on Sunday.  We also went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (not to worry, it was doctor approved, and I kept my feet up the whole time).  It was REALLY good - for those of you who read the book, it is probably one of the more true-to-the-book movies I've seen.  If you haven't read the book, it's still really good - just be prepared for it to be dark. The book is dark, so I was expecting it, but Dan hasn't read them so he wasn't expecting that. 

Anyway, enough chit chatting, onto the 34-week stats:

Size of Geronimina:  A honeydew:

 My e-mails say that she should weigh between 4.2 - 5.8 lbs, and that she's 17.2 - 18.7 inches long.  Per the doctor last week, she weighs just over 5 lbs and I can't remember how long they said but Dan thinks it was 18 inches.  So, she's normal but on the bigger size.  My secrets are jumping for joy.  Not.  She can recognize songs now - apparently she will recognize songs after birth that were frequently sung/heard during the pregnancy.  If she were to come out today (don't do it baby, wait 3 weeks until you're full-term!) I guess she'd really like Christmas music, Taylor Swift and Sugarland, because that's what we've been listening to recently.  Also, she is now urinating around one pint/day.  Hello diapers.

Weight Gain So Far:  As of last Friday, +25.  It could be more than that now since I am not allowed to do any kind of activity.  I'll report back after this Friday's appointment.

Cravings:  Nada.  I had been on the hunt for Honey Smacks - remember those? But I wasn't really dying without them.  Anyway, Dan found some of those last week and I was excited, but that's the only craving-like thing that's happened as of late.

Aversions:  Bed rest.  Bah humbug.

Symptoms:  Lordy, there are tons of them now.  There are the usual: exhaustion. Swelling.  Frequent urination.  Heartburn like woah.  And then there are some new ones: lower back pain.  Pressure and pain in my lady parts - and she is pushing down HARD (should I be concerned that I've heard and read that this normally happens closer to the end of pregnancy?).  Cramps in my legs, hands and feet.  Contractions - sometimes consistently, sometimes not. 

Movement:  I'd heard that movement would start slowing down as she ran out of room, but so far with Baby B and I, that has not been the case.  She's still going strong all the time, and still getting the hiccups a lot.  I can definitely tell that her movements are more defined, though - more jabs and less swimming.

What I Miss:  I  missed champagne on New Year's Eve.  I did have one small sip of Dan's, but it gave me immediate heartburn.  Definitely won't miss that!

Things I Am Thankful For:  I cannot say enough how thankful I am for our families.  They have all been so loving and supportive, and especially sweet about checking on me these past few weeks.  Also, mushy alert: Dan.  He has been beyond wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy, but especially so during this bed rest phase.  He waits on me hand and foot, cooks, cleans, takes care of the dog - he's going to be such a great Daddy.  He has also been working hard around the house to get a few things done before baby arrives.  He's good about scolding me and telling me to relax and put my feet up, and supportive when I'm grumpy and tired of sitting on the couch.  He is incredible, and I'm so lucky to have him.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Geronimina's arrival, but hopefully not for at least 3 weeks until she's full-term!  I'm also looking forward to my upcoming showers: my first one is in Raleigh on Sunday, and then if everything is still going well and the doctor is still okay with it, I have two in Charlotte the following weekend.  I can't wait!

Signs of a Bump:  I seriously feel like this thing is getting bigger by the day.  And my belly button is starting to look weird.

Next Doctor Appointment:  This Friday, January 6, unless I have to go before for some reason.  I have been getting some headaches that concern me a little.  They have asked quite a few questions about headaches and blurry vision and I wasn't having any problems before, but I've had a pretty bad headache for 3 days straight now.  I don't want to be "that girl" who calls about nothing, but if I get one tomorrow I've promised that I'll call, just to be safe.  Also?  Hate to admit it, but the bed rest is helping.  Yesterday when we went to church and lunch, we were gone no more than 3 hours, and I came home and my hands and feet were three times their normal size.  Crazy that it happens in that short of a time period.  I kept my feet up for the remainder of the day, though, and it was back down by the time I woke up this morning.

That's all for tonight - I have a busy day tomorrow working from the couch.  Up this week: sweetest gift ever from my Daddy, breast feeding class, and a variety of other topics which I'm sure will be very interesting.  :-)



  1. Awww I hope you feel better, love! You're almost there. Thinking of you and Dan and your sweet baby girl!

  2. Don't be in a funk, Sarah! The wait will soon be over. Savor these last minutes of just you, Layla and Dan. My prayers are with you and your baby.


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