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Friday, January 20, 2012

Because I am vain...

...(and thanks to a birthday gift from my in-laws - thanks guys!), just in case today is d-day, I am prepared:

Side note: please try to overlook the fact that my feet (toes in particular) look like sausages.  I can't seem to get the swelling under control these past few days.  SIGH.
 It's true.  If I am going to be staring at my sausages while in the pushing position, you better believe they are going to be pretty.  So how did I prepare?  I got a pedi.  And I chose pink sparkly polish, which I'm fairly sure was only even in the nail salon for the 12-year-old girls, but whatever.  Baby B told me she likes it.  :-)  Also? Legs are shaved.  Chew on that, doctors and nurses who will be violating me in all kinds of various ways I'm sure!

Also, when I went upstairs to bed I remembered to take a picture of all of the books I was telling you about yesterday from my Raleigh shower

Layla the photobomber guarding her sister's books (slash waiting for Dan to throw her Christmas toy which chewed the head off that is laying at her feet)
 This picture really does not even do them justice, there are lots of little ones stacked on top of each other...we got a ton of books, and I am so excited about them.  When we get them put neatly into the (fabulous IKEA - thanks Mom & Dad!) book shelf we got for the office/play area perhaps I'll grace you with another photo.  :-)

Doctor in T-minus 1.5 hours.  Is today the day?  Guess we'll find out! 

Happy Friday, lovies!


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  1. We did the same thing at two of my showers. Everyone gave Corbin a book instead of a card. He has a huge collection of books and I LOVE it! Corbin loves for me to read to him, so Im real happy to share books with him that people that love him gave him!! :)


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