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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Doctor Update...

Are these getting old yet?  I know that going to the doctor sure is getting old for me, so I'm sure the updates are getting old for you all!  We went in for another stress test this morning and to check in.  I took my Mom with me to give Dan a break, because I know he is getting tired of going and sitting and watching me on the FHM for an hour plus.  I was down 1 lb from Monday, and there was no protein in my urine.  My BP, on the other hand, was elevated again - 148/95.  Oy.  They hooked me up to the FHM, and baby girl showed off today so we got to come off in about 30  minutes instead of the normal 45 - 1 hour.  She is still perfect.

The doctor came in to talk, and reaffirmed that my labs from Monday came back normally.  The results of my Strep B test are not yet in.  She told us that in cases where a patient has preeclampsia that is on the milder side and it looks like the patient's symptoms are getting better, they'll let the baby cook as long as they can and see how far they can make it.  She said that as a preface to the statement, "You are clearly not in this category, so I just don't want your expectations to be that you are going to make it to 39 or 40 weeks."  To which I said, cool, we weren't expecting that anyway, so can you give me an idea of how long you anticipate me making it?  I told her that last week, Dr. R. told me that she thought I'd make it to 37-37.5 weeks (U will be 37 weeks this coming Monday) and then I'd deliver.  Her response was, "That is exactly what I was about to say, that we could be talking about delivery as soon as next week."  She said that because of all of the symptoms that I already have in addition to the ones that have come up these past few weeks, they are trying to balance letting the baby cook as long as she can with making sure I am okay, too.  What they don't want is for the preeclampsia to get so bad that we are in an emergency situation.

With all of that said, she told me that right this second she wants to keep doing what we're doing (aka stay on bed rest and we'll continue to monitor), and she wants me to come in again on Friday (three times in one week has to be some kind of record, right?).  She said she didn't want me going through the whole weekend without being seen, but I am to call immediately if my blood pressure spikes (top number greater than or equal to 160, bottom number greater than or equal to 100 - which is not too far off from where I've been hovering).  So, we'll do it all again on Friday.  While I am slightly annoyed to have to go back yet again, I am grateful that they are being cautious.  Mom and I both got the impression from her today that we should expect to deliver next week.  BUT...we see a different doctor on Friday, which means there could be yet another different opinion.  The fact that she didn't give me an idea of when next week makes me wonder whether it will actually happen.  Still a waiting game for now!

Thanks for all of the continued prayers, thoughts, love, words of encouragement and support.  We couldn't have gotten through this without you all!  I will try to blog one of the showers from the weekend tonight - if not tonight, in the morning - because I'm sure these updates are getting more and more boring.  In other news, I'm pretty sure my Mom should move in.  She just made me the best milkshake in the history of the world.  I could get used to this...

Happy Hump Day!


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