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Friday, January 20, 2012

Adventures in Hospital Land: Part Deux

We've had yet another adventurous day!  If you'd asked me this morning whether I thought I would be back at home right now, I would have said no way.  Here's how it went down:

We went to the doctor.  Since Wednesday's appointment, my headaches have come back in full force and I haven't been able to keep my swelling under control, so I figured my blood pressure would be way up.  In fact, I woke up at 1:00 am to go to the bathroom and had a headache so bad I could barely sleep, and had to come downstairs to take medicine.  It would have freaked me out enough to call this morning had I not had an appointment today anyway.  Also, I was up 2 pounds just since Wednesday due to swelling/retaining fluid.  My blood pressure was really high - 150/90 - and they found protein in my urine.  Awesome.  They put me on the FHM for the stress test and baby was fine and dandy, but doctor did not like the looks of me so she sent me to the hospital for monitoring and to have more tests run.  They were worried that the sudden increase in symptoms means that my preeclampsia is worsening, which they don't want.  In a nutshell, she told us that she was 99.9% sure that I would not still be pregnant at this time next week.  She said if I made it through the weekend, it would more than likely be next week.  So at least we have a time frame!  She said best case, I go in for monitoring and they release me today with instructions to take it easy and I come back Monday.  Option 2 was that I stay overnight for another 24-hour urine test (SIGH), and option number three was delivery.

We checked into the hospital for more tests:

Everything came back okay with the exception of my platelets, which have dropped even since my last bloodwork was done on Wednesday.  This is likely just as they thought - preeclampsia is worsening.  The only tricky thing about platelets is that if they get below 100,000 you can't get an epidural.  Mine are currently just above 100,000.  While I am still on the fence about an epidural and would like to see how it goes before making the call on whether to get one, I would like to have the option, so let's hope they stay there.  They also checked my cervix today for the first time - NOT comfortable, in case you're curious.  I am not dialated at all - maybe 1/2 centimeter they said.  They told me that this just means induction and getting labor to start will be a little trickier.  My blood pressure stabilized enough for them to feel okay about letting me come home, so here I sit!  I was discharged with the instructions that I am only allowed to leave the bed for three reasons: bathroom, food, and doctor.  Joy.  By the time I checked out of the hospital today, my OB had already closed for the weekend, but the doctor said I should come back Monday, so they told me just to call first thing Monday morning.

So, at this point, yet again it's a waiting game.  At least the doctor said she is 99.9% sure it will be this week - we just don't have a day yet.  I am hoping they will give us one on Monday.  Someone asked earlier if I am disappointed that it wasn't today.  My answer was no - but only because my OB shares "on call" days with another practice, and this weekend that other practice was on call.  I was not a fan of the doctor I had today from that practice, so I am happy to wait until next week and deliver with someone I know (and hopefully like).  :-)

I will try to get caught up with all of my shower posts over the weekend in case Monday is go time.  Hope everyone had a great day!



  1. thinking of you and thinking high platelets, little discomfort, easy delivery ahead! remember-- i am local and very experienced with newborns!! all i do is study so you BEST be calling on me to take a shift so you can nap. and you are not paying me- my gift will be to hold her!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so close! Just think: This time next week you'll most likely be snuggling a new baby!!

    I'm only 21 weeks right now so reading your posts has been super educational for me. :)


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